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Dave Lias Auctioneer AU002976L
ENDED..Estate of Hazel Harriger - Sunday, December 2, 2018 Auction begins closing at 4::00 PM with 3 items closing per minute.

Item Description
1.Wooden Rocker
2.Sofa Sleeper
3.18 x 15 x 26.5 1 Drawer Stand
4.3 Tier Stand 26.5 H
5.Foot Stool 13.5 x 9.5 x 12 H
6.Gate Leg Table 14.5 x 36 x 30 H plus (2) 16 in. Drop Sides
7.Metal Shelf 36.5 x 9.5 x 35.5 H
8.32 in. Fraternity/Sorority Paddle
9.(2) 42 in. Table Leaf Sections
10.Painting, Pencil Drawing, Prints, Mirror, Frames
11.Wooden Kitchen Chair
12.Wooden Kitchen Chair
13.Wooden Kitchen Chair
14.Wooden Kitchen Chair
15.Wooden Kitchen Chair
16.Spinning Wheel
17.Floor Lamp 60.5 H
18.2 Drawer Stand
19.62 in. Love Seat
20.Hymnals, Guide Posts, Childrens Song Books, Etc.
21.Card Table, 4 Nice Padded Folding Chairs
22.Maple 2 Tier Table 20 Diam. X 25 H
23.Floor Lamp
24.2 Lamps with Shades Metal Base, Ceramic Figurines
25.Desk Lamps
26.Walker Utility Bag
27.Milk Glass Lot
28.Opera Glasses and Case
29.Brass Back Scratcher/Shoe Horn
30.B and O Rail Road Lantern Globe
31.Match Book Collection
32.Oil Lamp Converted to Electric
33.Zippo Lighter Bessemer Limestone Cement Co., Other Lighter and Top
34.Suspender Lot
35.Ideal Doll 10-1-1 Wet and Drink Sleepy Eyes Jointed, 2 Sleepy Eyes Dolls, Wooden Dovetailed Box
36.Flashlight Lot in Basket
37.Kitchen Towel Angel
38.Decorative Bird House
39.Tea Pot
40.Antique Plane Form
41.Scissor Lot
42.Pie Basket
43.Pie Basket
44.Wooden Shelves
45.3 Tier Stand 18.5 x 12.5 x 25 H
46.32 in. RCA Flat Screen HDTV Powers Up 6-2013 , Remote
47.50 Star Flag 116 in.
48.3 ft. x 5 ft. 50 Star Flag
49.3 ft. x 5 ft. 50 Star Flag NIP
50.Flag Lot
51.Reed Instrument
52.12 in. Metal Lamp 3 Bulbs Brass
53.Vintage Glass Puritans Cup Dispenser 22 in.
54.Ink and Pen
55.R. Esterbrook and Co. Pen Refills, C. Howard Hunt Pen Co.
56.Crystal Leaf Snack Sets Federal Glass Co.
57.HP Printer Powers Up
58. Pens, Pencils and Crayons Lot
59.World Reserve Monitary Exchange Starter Kit
60.Drawer Liner
61.Thirty One Bag with 6 Outer Covers
62.Wig Lot
63.Scentsy and Glade Wax Melts
64.Fiesta Vase 10 in. Chartruce Millenniam III
65.Mt. Jackson Sesquicentennial 1865-1965
66.Vintage Ledgers
67.Sears 1990, 1908, 1909 Reproduction Catalogues
68.Ringling Brothers/Barnum and Bailey Drinking Glasses
69.Blue Glass Lot
70.Iridescent Hobnail Cologne Decanter
71.Photo Frame Lot
72.VHS Movies and Box Sets
73.High Explosives Lidded Crate 18 x 12 x 11 H
74.Vintage Chicken Waterer Top Crockware
75.Crock 7.5 In.
76.Reversible Cutter Quilt 84 x 60
77.76 x 76 Cutter Quilt
78.2 Gal. Crock
79.Greeting Cards, Note Cards
80.Metal File Boxes
81.Thirty One Your Way Cube
82.Thirty One 22 x 10.5 Lid
83.Frame Lot and Photo Books
84.Smith Corona Sterling Manual Typewriter
85.Royal Manual Typewriter
86.Wooden Decorative Tricycle
87.Apron Lot and Basket
88.11 in. Lamp
89.Burroughs Calculator
90.Oil Lamp
91.Oil Lamp
94.Ashtray Lot some advertising
95.Motorola Car Radio
96.Sadiron Lot
97.2 Shoe Cast Forms
98.Snowman Lantern
100.Wendell August Forge Grove City Sesquicentennial Ash Tray
101.48 Star Flag 56 x 92
102.Coby DVD Player with Remote
103.Fisher Price Vintage Katy Kackler
104.Amberina 40 th Anniversary Vase
105.Vintage Fisher Price Snoopy
106.Basket Lot
107.Sheet Music Lot
108.Concertone Accordion as is
109.Advertising Thermometer Indian Gloves
110.Nativity Set
111.Air Flow Adjustable Cast 9 in. Diam.
112.Popcorn Popper
113.USA Wood Plane
114.23.5 in. Flat Screen TV Insignia
115.Sharp 3 CD Radio Cassette Tape Player Detachable Speakers (radio works... untested CD)
116.Cutter Comforter
117.Vintage Metal Game Piece
118.Spinning Top works fine
119.Vintage Wooden Doll Cradle
120.Vintage Rolly Polly Base, Other Toys
121.Frame Lot (2 Boxes)
122.Salt and Pepper signed Japan, Lefton, Others
123.Vintage Puzzles
124.3 Drawer Organizer
125.Glass Ribbon Candy Decoration
126.Childs Vintage Plates and Trays
127.Vintage Game
128.Linen Dish Towels
129.Westclox Big Ben Loud Alarm Clock
130.13 in. Ceramic Christmas Tree with Base
131.Advertising Rulers
132.Air Mail Stationery
133.Vintage Water Color Paints
134.Hand Crafted Geese
135.Cut Out Dolls. Pat Boone, Lucy, Janet Lennoon, Nurses, Beverly Hillbillies, Annette, Tiny Chatty Twins, Hayley Mills
136.Avon and Other Bottles
137.Electric Shavers
138.Sweetie Pie Book and Pans NIB
139.Its A Small World Walt Disney Vintage Music Box Signed Japan works
140.Vintage Metal Lamp
141.Dollar Savings, The Union Communicial and Savings Bank
142.Needlepoint Pillow Cases
143.Woodware Lot
144.Dictation, Shorthand, Typing, Note Pads
145.Jewelry Box 16 in. H
146.Retro Telephone Extension Reel
147.Advertising Crate Wooden 28 x 12 x 12 H, Flower Arrangement
148.Upright Piano and Bench
149.Rabbit, Corn Husk Doll
150.Advertising Calendars, Old Magazines
151.Lamps. Brass on Marble, Brass Type with Green Glass
152.Lace Lot
153.Glass Cloche Approx 12.5 H x 7 Diam. Opening
154.Silicone Bakeware, Butler Tray
155.Clock Lot
156.Wall Décor
157.3 Drawer Organizer Bin
158.CD Lot
159.Advertising Lot
160.Advertising Tin Lot
162.Scrapbook Lot
164.Ceramic Easter
165.Office Supplies
166.Office Supplies
167.PA and Local Memorabilia
168.Knick Knacks
169.China Set. Theo Haviland Apple Blossom. 2 Platters, 3 Veg. Bowls, Lidded Tureen, Tea Pot, Cream and Sugar, Gravy Boat, with attahed Underplate, 15 Dinner Plates, 12 Bowls, 12 Bread, 12 Salad, 17 Tea Cups, 4 Double Handled Soup and 12 Soup
170.Lufkin and True Value Rulers
171.Vase Lot Including Lefton
172.Scarf Genie plus video NIP
173.Weight Lot
174.Battery Lot
175.Hand Warmers One signed Occupied Japan
176.Scarves, Basket
177.Ty Animals
178.Stuffed Animal Lot
179.Paper Lot
180.Clipboards, Baskets, Back Rest
181.Pot Holders
182.Lipton U-Ride-It
183.Wall Decoration
184.License Plates
185.Chimney and Wick Lot
186.Light Bulb Lot
187.Hot Pads, Dish Cloths, Basket
188.Old Books dating back to 1862
189.Cheese Box
190.Franklin Mint Antique Car Collection Coins
191.Handy Hints, House Plants Books
192.Hardware and Bins
193.Nail Clippers, Emery Boards, Soaps, Etc.
194.Arbys Christmas Stemware
195.Religious Lot
197.Williamsburg Pottery 3 Pieces
198.Tea Canister
199.Tilso Japan
200.Horse Bean Ash Tray
202.Etched Drinking Glasses
203.White with Gold Cups and Saucers unsigned
204.White Glass Lot/Flower Frog
205.Receipt Holders
206.Magnifier Reader
207.Speakers, Chargers, Cables, Power Strips
208.Quick Winter Project Folding Stool
209.Clear Misc. Glass Lot
210.Doilies, Linens
211.White Glass Lot
212.2 Boxes Books
213.Large Rug Lot some as is
214.Large Lot Table Cloths, Dish Towels, Pot Holders, Etc.
215.1967 and 1969 MHS Totems, 1971 Pinacle
216.Older Childrens Books
217.Time, Ideals Books
218.Paper Products
219.Brass Lot
220.Janette Oak Book Lot
221.Brandy/Fish Bowls
222.Letter Openers
223.Door Hardware, Casters, Wood Box
224.Vintage Plate Assortment
225.Flatware, Chest
226.Knick Knack Lot
227.Copper Water Can
228.Metal Art
229.Uncle Toms Cabin Book
230.Mini Plate Lot
231.American Family Scale
232.Samson Import Co. 1965 Vase
233.Wooden Farmhouse Style Wall Mount Knife Block
234.Scrap Book Lot
235.Pentax AF Zoom Camera
236.Falcon Miniature Camera
237.Kodak Duaflex Camera
238.Canon Sure Shot
239.Regina 6 x 30 Binoculars
240.2 Craft Lights
241.Toy Lot
242.Atlas Jar Coin Banks
243.Vintage PA Turnpike Playing Cards
244.Wendell August Forge Ash Trays
245.Yankee Candles.. new, Potpourri... new
246.Pillar Candles
247.Taper Candle Lot, Emergency Candles
248.Candle Lot and Holders
249.Vintage Novelty Candles Most Gurley Novelty Co., Buffalo, NY
250.Candle Holders
251.Framed Wall Art
252.Tin with Buttons
253.Deep Heat Massager
254.Medical and Helpful Hints Books
255.1923, 1882, 1882, 1894 Papers
256.Sheet Music Lot
257.Old Newspapers 1890 to 1988
258.1983 UK Coin Collection and Five Pence Booklet
259.Music Boxes
260.Stamp Books, Cancelled Stamps, Shell Collection
261.Paperweight/Office Décor
262.Planter, Lefton Candy Dish, Candle Holders
263.Christmas Towels
264.3 Tier Serving Dish
265.Image Transfer with Stereo Sound Mixing System
266.Wool Blanket
267.Pastel Quilt
268.Chair Pads
269.Vanity Stool
270.Jerusalem Pictures
271.Old Pictures, Photographs
272.3 Pc. File Storage on Casters
273.Mid Century End Table
274.2 Tier Stand on Casters
276.Pillow Forms
277.Fabric Paint and Books
278.Porcelain Bowl 15.5 in. Diam.
279.Tracing Light
280.C Clamps
282.Metal Serving Pieces
283.Large Yarn Lot
285.Cookstove Burner Plate Handle
286.Twine Holder
288.Twine Winder
289.Christmas Wallet
290.Flour Sacks
291.Brushes, Gloves, Shoestrings, Shoestretchers
292.Thread, Tray
293.Plastic Canvas in Tote
295.Fisher Body Craftsman's Coach Instructions
296.Old Photos
297.Paper Rolls
298.Craft Lot
299.Sewing Notions
300.Sterling Weighted Salt and Pepper Set
301.Baby Dish signed Germany
302.Daguerrotype Photo
303.Glass Caster Cups
304.Aurora Plastic Corp. 1961 White Tail Deer
305.Tin Art Music Box works pays Moon River
306.Wall Art
307.Old Books 1875, 1925, Etc.
308.Ring Holder
309.Black and Decker Spacemaker Can Opener NIB
310.Souvenir Spoons
311.Bell Lot
312.Eye Glasses and Cases Old
313.Case Knife and Sheath
314.Cast Ash Tray
315.Service Bell
316.Vintage Ring Box
317.Best Wishes Bell
318.Arrow Heads
319.Wizard of Oz Cup Dispenser NIP
320.Straight Razor
321.Double Derringer Cap Gun
322.Wool Carder
323.Framed Local Artist Painting 12.5 x 14.5
324.78 x 56 Tablecloth
325.44 x 50 Vintage Table Cloth
326.Terry Table Cloth 67 x 51
327.52 x 48 Vintage Table Cloth
328.Lace Table Cloth as is needs a repair
329.Vintage Bed Runner
330.Assorted Cups, Saucers, Etc.
331.9 in. Cranberry Coin Dot Applied Handle Pitcher
332.Fluted Green Glass Candy Dish
333.Pedestal Cake Plate Clear Glass
334.Clear Glass Lidded Candy Dish
335.Waterford Bud Vase
336.Dunbar Vases flea bite on 1 rim
337.Blue Glass Unsigned Vase
338.Avon Amberina Lidded Dish
339.Viking, Flash Glass, Candy Container
340.Carnival Glass Tumblers 1 has flea bites on the rim
341.Gold/Black Trimmed Drinking Glasses
342.Clear Glass Nappy, Olive, Vase, Bowls, Plate
343.Salts (1 Viking)
344.Clear Pitcher 7.5 in.
345.Carnival Lot Dishware
346.Thimble Lot
347.Fox's Dairy Milk Bottle Enon Valley, PA
348.Green Glass Lot. Measuring Cup, A.L.R.C. Planter, Depression Candle Holder
349.Lazy Susan
350.Occupied Japan Lot
351.Goebel Figurine
352.Holland Hand Decorated Delft Cups and Saucers Sets
353.Avon Cape Cod Lot
354.Nantucket 4 Pc. Tea Set
355.Buttons, Lidded Box
356.Work Basket Lot
357.Tinker Toys
358.Electric Can Opener NIB
359.Pyrex Casserole Dish and Carrier
360.Salt and Pepper Shakers Sterling Tops in Original Boxes
361.Musical Vanity Powder Box Plays "Beautiful Dreamer"
362.Wooden Pencil Box
363.Craft Magazines
364.Crochet Hooks
365.Knitting Needles
366.Handcrafted Poncho
367.Handcrafted Poncho
368.A-Line Plaid Skirts
369.Pottery Crock
370.Post Card Lot
371.Vintage Pennants
372.14 Pc. Punch Bowl Set
373.Libby Christmas Glasses
374.Craft Books
375.Simplicity Vacuum runs
376.46 x 23.5 x 74 H Tiger Oak Side Board with Beveled Glass Mirror
377.Walking Stick 55 in.
378.Glass Walking Stick 50 in.
379.2 Walking Canes
380.51 x 22 x 34 Side Board and 49 x 13 x 40 Hutch
381.Curved Curio one side glass partial 54 x 17 x 71 H (see photo and writing on how this was obtained from the Hoyt Family)
A382.Gate Leg Table 24 in. x 44 in. (opened 6 ft. x 44 in.) 4 Rush Seat Chairs
382.60 x 20 x 31 H (opened) 1 Drawer on Casters Serving Piece
383.Lighted 3D, Water Color Painting of Christ
384.Door/Wall Mount Mirror
385.Slate Pieces Great for Crafts
386.Box Misc.
389.Cups, Mini Plates, Cake Décor, Larkin Glass Soap Bottle
390.Nativity Figurines
391.Pocket Knives, Collapsable Cups
393.Flatware Covers
394.Dish Towel Lot
395.Quilt Blocks
396.Calendar Towels Lot
397.Marble Lot
398.1985 Homco Figurine
399.Keys and Thirty One Fob
400.Standard Pillow Cases NIP
401.Flowers and Berries
402.Double Beverage Dispenser
403.Crock Pot
404.Craftsman Heater
405.Beverage Dispenser/Cooler
406.Doll and Vintage Baby Clothes
408.Halloween and Fall Decorations
409.Hand Mixer Proctor Silex NIB
410.Tier Cake Pans and Accessories
411.Cook Book Lot
413.Cutter Quilt
415.Cutter Quilt
416.2 Baby Quilts
417.Cook Book Lot
418.Tinker Toys
419.Large Lot Artificial Flowers
420.Service Bowling Shirt Box
421.Tin Lot
422.Vintage Enamel Pans
423.Craft Lot
425.Ovenware and Pyrex
426.Sears Fall/Winter Catalog 1976
427.Refrigerator Dish
428.Windshield Cleaner
429.3 Irons
430.2 Clock Radios
431.Whistling Tea Kettle
432.Bread Box glass cracked
433.Book Lot
434.Photo Frame Lot
435.Vintage Suitcase
436.Wooden Cupboard 61 x 13 x 48 (bring tools to remove from wall)
437.Heavy File Cabinet
438.Wide Brim Hats
439.Womens Vintage Hats
440.Mens Hats
441.Table Top Ironing Board
442.Enamel Stock pot
443.Flint Roasting Pan
444.Large Lot Cleaning Supplies
445.Pyrex Dish
446.Christmas Throw
447.Metal Lunch Box, Cigar Box, Plastic Toys
448.Marble Cheese Tray
449.Sifter, Funnels, Canning Lids
450.Aircraft Metal Products Inc. Metal Sewing Machine
451.Nordic Ware Cast Aluminum Bundt Pan
452.Nice Enamel Roaster
453.Christmas Granny Square Afghan, 2 Pillows
454.Handbag Lot
455.Metal Lunch Box
456.Oliso Frisper and Bags
457.Tupperware (oven proof)
458.Tupperware Vegetable Tray
459.Hardware Lot
460.Cotton Clothes Line
461.Match Box Holder
462.Knife Sharpener
463.Side Winder Vita Mix
464.Decorating Tips and Accessories
465.Shenango Covered Casserole
466.Southwest Homer Laughlin Dishes
467.Tupperware Cafeteria Serving Trays
468.Decorative Bird House NWT
469.Apple Peeler/Corer/Slicer
470.Mirro Cooky and Pastry Press
471.Princess Grace Large Dec. Collector Plate from The Hamilton Group with COA
472.Large Lot Christmas Decorations
473.Wooden Salad Set
474.Animated Musical Snowman
475.Springy Snowman Skier
476.Place Setting Card Holders marked Japan
477.Craft and Sewing
478.Corning Loaf Pan and Lid
479.Wall Bracket Oil Lamp Holder
480.Tinker Toy Parts
481.Christmas and Welcome Lights
482.Lace Table Cloth 92 x 128
483.Lace Table Cloth 84 x 128
484.Lace Table Cloth 72 x 80
485.45 in. Diam. Table Cloth
486.Lace Table Cloth 76 x 60
487.Rick Rack, Seam Binding, Bias Tape
488.Cutting Mat, Rotary Cutter
489.Quilt Patches and Blocs
490.5 ft. Christmas Tree
491.Sliding Door Cabinet with Detachable Top with riser 61 x 30 x 36
492.Gift Wrap Organizer
493.Office Chair
494.Folding Chair
495.12 Diam. X 26 H 3 Tier Stand
A496.Wall Cupboards 5 ft. x 3 ft. H (bring tools and help to remove)
496.Towel Rack, Shelves, Stand
497.Fort Apache US Calvary Supply and Animals Metal and Plastic
498.Toy Metal Tool Shed and Silo
499.Wooden Tureen Ware
500.Vintage Magnetic Letter Boards
501.Local Artist Paintings
502.Vintage Plastic Reindeer
503.Vintage Glass Reindeer signed Germany
504.Popcorn Popper
505.Table Top Ironing Board, Stool, Barrel Topper
506.48 Star Flag
507.Advertising Yard Stick Lot
508.Various Holiday Decorations
509.Childs Vintage Clothes Pins
510.Vintage Games and Puzzles
511.2 Wooden Shelves
512.Paint, Contents of corner excluding real estate
513.Metal Party Cart on Casters
514.Suit Case Lot
515.Fabric and Remnants
516.Hand Bag Lot, Throw
517.Hall Tree 63 in. H
518.Lap Robe
519.Cutter Quilt
520.Christmas Afghan
521.Childrens Books
522.Stuffed Animals, Doll Clothes
523.Vintage Walking Doll with Sleepy Eyes
524.Full Headboard, Footboard, Side Rails, Slats
525.Adjustable Bed Base Massage and Head up works
526.Mattress and Box Springs only
527.Student Desk 40 x 17.5 x 30 H
528.5 Drawer Chest 31 x 17 x 42 H
529.Bedding Lot
530.Beveled Mirror 32 x 24
531.3 Speed Oscillating Fan works
532.Drying Rack
533.Milk Glass Lamp, Decorative Lamp
534.Antique Cupboard 40.5 x 16 x 86 H
535.Metal Ironing Board
536.Curved Glass with Frame and 2 Photos
537.Cassette Lot
538.Records Lot 78s and 33s
539.Closet Contents. Wreaths, Garment Bags, Mirrors, Etc.
540.Huge Vintage Tupperware Lot
541.Assorted Plasticware
542.Mismatched Tupperware
543.Pots and Pans
544.24 x 12 x 56 Kitchen Bakers Rack
545.Thermos Lot
547.Trivets, Coasters, Cutting Boards
548.Drinking Glasses including some collectible glasses
549.Coffee Mugs
550.Canning Supplies
551.Tea Bags, Loose Leaf Tea
552.Vases and Planters
553.Utensil Lot
554.Kitchen Gadgets
556.Tray Lot
557.Stackable Folding Cooling Racks
558.Thermacore Pots and Pans
559.2 Kettles
560.Tupperware Gadgets
561.Gauze, Pads, Bed Pan
564.Frigidaire 18.2 CF Refrigerator runs
565.Dishes bring boxes
567.Pyrex Bowl Primary Blue
568.Open Spices, Extracts, Candy Flavorings
569.Plastic Serveware
570.Cake and Dip Knives
571.Tin of Wooden Casters
572.Bail Jar Lids
573.Tupperware Canisters
574.Metal Cake Plate and Cover
575.Pur Water Pitcher
576.Key Lot
577.Decanter and Cruet Lot
578.Stoneware, Wood Potato Mashers, Red Handled Potato Masher
579.Cupcake and Cake Decorating Supplies
580.Pot Holders and Towels
581.Tupperware Modular Mates Lot
582.Small Appliance Lot
584.Microwave Cookware
585.Corning Ware Cornflower Blue
586.Baking Lot
587.Stainless Steel Stock Pot
588.Refrigerator Dish, Pyrex Measuring Cup, Apple Baker, Misc.
589.Lazy Susan Lot including 1 Large Wooden One
590.Individual Casseroles, Glass Lids
591.Paper Products
592.Tray Lot
593.Punch Bowls and Under Plates
594.Pickle Jar, Carafe, Sun Tea, Drink Mugs
595.Old Bottles, Canisters, Vintage Wood Utensils
596.Decorative Pitcher
597.Shoulder Crock nice shelf sitter... crack
598.Crofton Slow Cooker
599.Insect Repellant
600.Cookie Cutters
601.Electric Knife
602.East Fairfield Coal Co. Thermometer with Mercury in tact
603.Corelle Ware
604.Porcelain Nesting Bowls
605.Metal Molds
606.Cream and Sugar, Salt and Pepper Crowning Touch Collecton Japan
607.Salt and Pepper Lot Fox is signed Japan
608.Magnet Lot
609.Odds and Ends
610.Odds and Ends
611.Recipe Boxes and Cards
612.Wall Décor
613.Cat in the Hat DVD NIP
614.Vintage Baseball Pinball Game
615.Holy Land Slides
616.1937 Calendar
617.Iron Door Stops
618.Wire Storage
619.Cleaning Products
620.Pie Plates
621.Shell Collection
622.Clear Glass Lot
623.Advertising Items, Calendars, Post Cards, 1940 2 nd Place 4H Ribbon
624.Freezer Paper
625.Metal Casserole Caddies
626.Metal Bell
627.Back Massager Foot Massager, Gel Cushion
628.Vintage Kitchen Gadgets
629.Frigidaire Electri-Clean Range
630.The Fulton Printing Kit Vintage Printing Toy
631.Planter and Vase Lot
632.Bakeware Lot
633.Walking Cane
634.Door Chime
635.Gardening Lot
636.Tool and Hardware Lot
637.Cutting Board, Rolling Pins
638.Helmet Liners, Handkerchiefs
639.Shredder and Waste Basket
640.Flag Lot
642.Clown Pull string... hands go out
643.Paper Goods
645.30 x 13 x 66 H Metal Cupboard
646.Frigidaire Chest Freezer working
647.Contents of Bathroom Cupboard bring box
648.Vintage Crochet Collars
649.Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
650.Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
651.Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
652.Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
653.Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
654.Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
655.Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
656.Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
657.Costume Jewelry Necklace Lot
658.Costume Bracelet Lot
659.Costume Bracelet Lot
660.Costume Pin and Broach Lot
661.Costume Pin and Broach Lot
662.Costume Clip Ear Rings
663.Costume Clip Ear Rings
664.Costume Screw Post Ear Rings
665.Sweater Clips, Dog Whistles
666.Stick Pin Lot
667.Charm Lot
668.Costume Jewelry 3 Pc. Set
669.Costume Assorted Pin Lot
670.Watch Lot
671.Costume 3 Sets Jewelry
672.Patriotic Jewelry Lot
673.Skeleton Keys
674.Sterling Ring
675.Israel Ear Rings E 10K
676.10 KP Ring
677.Rind SP Lind Necklace
678.Italy Gold Necklace
679.Italy .525 Bracelet
680.Sterling Ear Rings
681.USA .999 Bracelet
682.YWCA Sterling Pin
683.New Castle News 10K Pin
684..925 Italy Necklace with Bird Charm
685.22 yr. Calendar Wedding Anniversary 1939 to 1960
686.Sterling Tie Tac
687.10 K Rebekah Pin
688.Sterling 4 H Pin
689.10 K Flower Pin
690.10K Ring No Stone
691.Sterling Masonic Pin
692.Sterling Ring with Gold Top
693.Scarf Tie Ring
694.Pocket Watch Belgin
695.Pocket Watch Bull's Eye
696.GM Watch Fob
697.Airtrak Watch Fob
698.Trackmotive Watch Fob
699.2 Watches signed Rolex
700.Costume Ring
701.Costume Ring
702.Costume Ring
703.Costume Ring
704.Costume Rings
705.Costume Ring
706.Costume Ring
707.Costume Ring
708.Costume Ring
709.Costume Ring
710.Costume Ring
711.Costume Rings
712.Costume Ring
713.Costume Ring
714.Costume Ring
715.Costume Ring
716.Costume Ring
717.Costume Ring
718.Costume Ring
719.Costume Ring
720.Costume Ring
721.Costume Ring
722.Costume Adjustable Ring Lot
723.14 K Gold Watch Longines Swiss
724.Men's Jewelry Lot
725.Clock Key
726.Tootsie Car
727.US Envelope Co. Letter Opener
728.Box Lot Broken Jewelry
729.Box Lot Jewelry Boxes
G1.5 ft. Wide Metal Glider
G2.6 ft. Picnic Table with Benchs
G3.Steel Chair
G4.Metal Swing
G5.2 Childs Chairs
G6.6 ft. Folding Lifetime Picnic Table
G7.Reel Mower
G8.Grill with Newer Style Tank
G9.17 ft. High Flag Pole
G10.35 in. Diam. Glass Top Patio Table
G11.2 Heavy Duty Home Made Car Ramps
G12.Cast Pot with Flowers
G13.16 ft. Extension Ladder
G15.4.5 HP Craftsman Mower
G16.Huffy Exercise Bicycle
G17.4 Wheeled Cart
G18.Saw Horses and Loose Wood in Shed
G19.26 in. 8 Speed Free Spirit Bicycle
G20.Approx. 16 x 20 Used Tarp
G21.Approx 12 x 15 Used Tarp
G22.Lawn Tractor Cart
G23.TLC Rocker and Chair Lot
G24.2 Arm Chairs
G25.Single Drawer Country Style Table 18 x 36 x 27 H
G26.Animal Trap
G27.Metal Stand 12 x 20 x 26 H
G28.Heavy Metal Frame Possibly for storing wood metal Can be bolted to the floor 32 x 73 x 46
G29.Computer Desk from Living Room
G30.Single Drawer Stand on Casters 17 x 29 x 28 H
G31.Desk on Casters 20 x 48 x 28 H
G32.Office Chair Mat (Rubbermaid)
G33.Heavy Metal Plant Stand
G34.Yard Tool Lot
G36.3 Padded Folding Chairs
G37.Hotpoint Ironer (Vintage Mangle)
G38.Tools on Wall and Bench. Grinder runs Bring tools to remove. Other tools will be boxed
G39.Hand Saws
G40.Extension Cord Lot
G42.Tool Lot
G43.Galvanized Water Can
G44.License Plate Lot
G45.Masonry Tools
G46.2 Storage Units with Contents
G47.Tool Lot in a Tool Caddy
G48.2 Craftsman Ratchets
G49.Wrench Lot
G50.Miter Box and Saw
G51.Black and Decker Bench Top Workmate
G52.Shoe Last
G53.Cast Iron Kettle no cracks
G54.Hardware Lot
G55.NIB Craftsman Blower/Vac
G56.Old Window Screen and Frame
G57.Metal Cabinet 21 x 36 x 66 H
G58.8 ft. Folding Table
G59.8 ft. Folding Table
G60.Nice Snow Shovel and Heavy Ice Chipper
G61.76 in. 2 Man Crosscut
G63.Hand Tiller
G64.Campfire Tools
G65.Garage Lot will be boxed
G66.Wall and Base Cabinets Wall 96 x 24 x 16 Deep, Base 72 x 26 x 34 H Bring tools and help to remove.
G67.Small Shelf 15 x 15 x 15
G68.Wood Caddy 18 x 6 x 11 H
G69.Chainsaw Accessories
G70.Saw Blades
G71.Pliers, Cutters
G72.3.5 in. Vise
G73.7 pc. 3/8 in. Drive Socket Bit Set
G74.Kerosene Heater Maintenance Kit
G75.Tape Rules
G76.2 Grabbers
G78.3 and 4 ft. Pipe Clamps
G79.Hardware Lot
G80.E J AJAX and Sons Doz All Knife
G81.Tool Lot
G82.Channel Lock SK Vise Grips Others
G83.Ridgid Pipe and Chain Wrench
G84.Hammer Lot
G87.Stapler Drill Bits Brushes
G88.Casters, Sand Paper, Steelwood, Hardware
G89.Mini Stepper NIB
G90.Remington Mighty Mite Chain Saw good compression
G91.Mouse and Rat Traps
G92.Square and Level Lot
G93.Wrecking Bars
G94.Croquet Set
G95.Coke Bottles
G97.Tool Lot
G98.Galvanized Sprinkling Can
G99.Vintage Fly Catcher Base is cracked
G100.Vintage Corn Knife
G101.Over 2 Dozen Canning Jars
G102.15 in. Diam. 24 in. H Fountain (no pump)
G103.Echo. Runs with a shot of gas in carb
G104.18 in. Trimmer runs
G106.Assorted Card Lot
G107.Mixing Bowls
G108.Light Lot
G109.Mostly Blue Mason Jars
G110.Nice Solid Rustic Stool
G111.Old Ringer
G112.Kitchen Lot
G113.Vintage Lot
G114.Baking Pans
G115.Folding Chair and Rocker and Webbing Repair Kits
G116.Roll of Tinted Film
G117.2 Folding Chairs
G118.Tub of 1.5 in. Roofing Nails
G119.Vintage Doll Lot
G120.Nice Padded Folding Chairs
G121.3 Pc. Luggage
G122.Cook Books
G123.Sears 3300 lb. Floor Jack in Case
G124.Door Knob Lot
G125.Holiday Lot
G126.Halloween Lot
G127.Folding Chairs
G128.25 in. High Antimated Santa works
G129.Tool Lot
G130.Wire Lot
G131.Misc. Lot
G132.Big Box Household
G133.Canon MX340 Printer Copier
G134.Flea Market Cart
G135.Plate Supports
G136.2 Sprinkling Cans
G137.2 Wood Folding Chairs
G138.Heavy Metal Stand 37 in. H Plate on top is 12 x 18 good for grinder
G139.2 Double Headed Axes
G141.Splitting Maul
G142.Sledge Approx. 8 lbs.
G143.Ryobi. Fuel line gone needs replaced
G144.2 Outdoor Chair Pads
G145.Shelf Brackets
G146.36 in. Wood Lighted Christmas Tree
G147.Book Lot
G148.Flower Lot
G149.Cook Books
G150.Shoe Stretchers
G151.Craftsman Trimmer runs, Worx Trimmer... no battery
G152.4 Gas Cans
G153.Travel Bag
G154.Heavy Jumper Cables
G155.6 Foot Chain with 2 Hooks attached to a 3 foot chain with a hook and clevis
G156.Battery Charger
G157.4 Foot Level
G158.Tool Lot
G159.Old Light Fixture
G160.Vintage Grabber
G161.Hardware, Misc. 2 Boxes
G162.Hulu Hoop, Ball Bat
G163.Garden Tools
G164.Old Bottle Lot
G165.Atomic Clock, Cell Phone, Watch, Gloves, plastic Fruit
G166.Christmas Wreaths
G167.5 Flags
G168.Craft and Material Lot
G169.Box of Easter
G170.TLC Lot. Rocker, Chair
G171.Butterfly Table 35 in. Diam x 29 H
G172.Ames Yard Cart
G173.Steel Shelf 12 x 30 x 60
G177.Vintage Cases and Ledgers
G178.Approx. 9 Boxes of Christmas
G179.Galvanized Tub
G180.2 High Pressure Electric Washers untested
G181.Fountain with Pump untested 30 in. H
G182.Vintage Country Butterfly Table 42 x 58 opened with Porcelain Casters
G183.Pyrex, Corning Ware, Avon, Misc.
G184.Wall Cabinets 12 x 24 x 130 Bring tools and help to remove
G185.Aluminum Flag Pole with Flag. You have to remove it. Unknown if it is cemented in or not. Bid accordingly
G186.Gazing Ball on Stand
G187.Rustic Bench with any planters not tagged outside
G188.Hose and Hose Reel
G189.2 Patio Chairs and 2 Tables
G190.Large Scrap Pile
G191.Base Cupboards and Desk
G192.Loose untagged wood in garage
G193.(3) Sheets 4 x 8 Plywood (1) is 1/4 in., (2) are 1/2 in.
G194.Ammo Box
G195.30 in. Diam. X 21 in. high Table
G196.Handicapped Lot
G197.9 pc. Of 24 in. Fence
G198.Muck Bucket with Garden Hose
G199.Outdoor Décor Lot
G200.Wrought Iron Table 18 x 24 x 13 H
G201.Simplicity Express 15.5 Hydro 38 in. Cut with Manual
G202.Hustler Antenna
G203.Folding Lounge Chair
G204.Tent in Bag. Unknown size and if it is complete. Could be used as a tarp
G207.Accent Pillows in a wooden box
G208.Foot Locker
G209.Muck Bucket
G210.Quilt Rack
G211.Cassettes and Holders
G212.Canning Jars
T.Thank You For Checking Out Duck Soup Auctions


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