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Dave Lias Auctioneer AU002976L
Ended... Moving Auction - Sunday, June 16, 2019 4:00 PM with 3 items closing per minute

Item Description
A.Before you bid... be sure your bidder profile is updated. Also, check your email for your invoice. It will be there no later than Monday 6 AM. If you do not see it, check your spam or junk folders. Remember, you will not receive outbid notices after the auction begins to close. And LASTLY.... Read the information on your invoice.
H1.Wicker Armorie 37 x 24 x 71 H
H2.3 Drawer Wicker Chest 22 x 34 x 30
H3.Chest 14 x 30 x 16
H4.Wicker Chair
H5.40 in. Dynex TV, Remote and comes with Wall Mount (bring tools to remove) Powers up but no internet to test. Sold as is untested.
H6.22 x 47 x 67 H Computer Station (computer not included)
H7.Beautiful Ornate Chair
H8.33 in. H Lamp (matches No. 9)
H9.60 in. H Floor Lamp (matches No. 8)
H10.55 in. Floor Lamp
H11.Upholstered Chair excellent condition
H12.Glass Top Stand 2 Doors 24 in. x 21 in. H very nice
H13.Upholstered Chair excellent condition
H14.18 x 36 x 29 1 Drawer Server on casters with (2) 11 in. Wings
H15.19 in. Diam. X 20 H Round Table with 1 Door nice condition
H16.One Door Side Board 36 x 14 x 28 very nice
H17.45 x 21 x 30 (2) Roll up Door Chest very nice
H18.16 x 69 x 79 2 Pc. China Hutch Very Nice contents not included
H19.42 in. Diam. Table with 2 Chairs
H20.Cane Chair
H21.36 in. Candle Holder with Candle
H22.Cane Chair with Pillows
H23.Childs Cupboard 10 x 19 x 31
H24.28 x 32 Woman Walking in an Exotic Forrest by Henri Rousseau Limited edition no. 242 of 1000
H25.16 x 42 Panoramic View of Pittsburgh
H26.Approx. 20 x 24 Water Color by Jocelyn Beatty 1992 (local artist)
H27.13 x 16 Pencil Sketch of the East Front of Monticello
H28.(2) 18 x 22 Prints plus one print on the back
H29.18 x 22 Oriental Print
H30.Floral Print 18 x 20
H31.18 x 25 Geisha Girls by Edna Hibel No. 200
H32.2 Prints 15 x 18, 16 x 20
H33.29 I. Diam. Brass Plate
H34.2 Vintage Prints Boy with Rabbit and Windmill
H35.3 Oriental Pictures
H36.24 x 26 Embroidered Art
H37.26 x 29 Morning Mist Lithograph
H38.Frame, Embroidered Picture and Print
H39.16 x 30 Oriental Tapestry
H40.Bag Lot
H41.60 in. Floor Lamp
H42.42 in. Straw Angel
H43.22 x 60 x 50 H 2 Door 3 Drawer Cupboard
H44.Upholstered Chair
H45.30 in. Wicker Lamp
H46.36 in. Diam. X 30 H Table
H47.15 in. H Chicken Lamp
H48.Approx 48 pc. Chicken Theme Dishes Some Chips Bring Boxes
H49.3 Pc. Fireplace Tool Lot
H50.Upholstered Chair
H51.Service for 12 Gateway China by Shenango Dutchess Pattern Bring Boxes
H52.Tarp 12 ft. x 16 ft.
H53.Tarp 66 in. x 90 in.
H54.42 in. Diam. Table with 4 Chairs
H55.Computer System Working
S1.18 x 61 American Drew Dresser Dove Tail Drawers and Dust Catchers with 36 x 42 Mirror
S2.17 x 30 x 37H Dry Sink
S3.17 x 36 x 52 H America Drew Chest on Chest (matches No. 1)
S4.3 Sections (2) 12 x 37 x 34 Over all Height 78 in Bottom Section 30 in. H .
S5.Nice Chair
S7.Hollywood Frame, Mattress, Springs and Oak Head Board 64 W x 7 H
S8.First Pc of 3 Pc. Set. Owner Says it is 107 Years Old Dresser 48 x 22 x 36 H Dove Tail and Dust Proof, Mirror 46 x 34 Excellent Condition
S9.20 x 40 x 52 107 Year Chest on Chest Dove Tailed Dust Proof Drawers Excellent Condition
S10.Bedding including Heated Mattress Pad
S11.Full Size Bed Also 107 Years Old Very Good to Excellent Conditon
S12.60 in. Floor Lamp
S13.14 x 16 x 27 H Night Stand with 1 Drawer and 1 Door
S14.Chest on Chest 38 x 18 x 54 H Vaughn Bassett
S15.Laundry Basket with assorted Womens Clothing
G1.2 x 4 x 8 ft. L, 2 x 8 x 5 ft. L, Other Scrap Wood
G2.Scarecrow, Straw Bundle
G3.2 Folding Tapestry Seat Rocking Chairs
G4.Push Broom
G5.Wrecking Bar
G6.Spud Bar
G7.Rake, Shovel
G8.Power Blower 2 Sp. Runs
G10.Boogie Boards
G11.Curtain Rods, Tension Rods
G12.Childs Play Kitchen
G13.Folding Chair
G14.51 in. Paris Champion Fastback
G15.4 Folding Metal Chairs
G16.4 Folding Metal Chairs, Fabric Scrap
G17.4 Folding Metal Chairs
G18.Reflectors, Markers, Flags
G19.Flags, Poles
G20.Hula Hoop
G21.47 in. Decorative Paddle
G22.Maple Walking Stick 46 in.
G23.Engraved 34 in. Walking Stick
G24.Extension Cord
G25.Dream Tent
G26.Premium Garden Bag NIP
G27.Lesko Box Fan Works 20 in.
G28.Rock Salt
G29.Hot Rock Salt New Bag
G30.Bucket, Flat Back
G31.Sand, Landscape Stones
G32.Light Bulb Lot
G34.Fondu Set
G35.DVD Lot
G36.Kitchen Gadgets
G37.Desk Light
G38.Mantle Clock JRR and Co. 5-16-23 as is missing hour hand, no key
G39.Desk Lamp
G40.Loaf Pans
G41.Candle and Holder
G43.Decorative Shell Match Holder
G44.Copper Planter
G45.Metal Basket with Apples
G46.Nail Polish
G47.Fire Logs
G49.Wine Bags including a 31 Bag
G50.Putt-Putt Bumpety Race
G51.Fisher Price Medical Kit
G52.Animal Picture Cubes
G53.Milk Bottles, Corks
G54.Kids Books
G55.Windshield Wash
G56.Muriatic Acid
G57.Pine Cones
G58.Large Decorative Metal Planter
G59.Wicker and Metal Shelf 10 x 7 x 22 H
G61.Wine Rack 21 in. H
G62.18 in. Wicker Stool
G63.Wine To Go Set
G65.Lighter Fluid
G66.12 in. H Lamp
G67.Oak Bat and Ball Shelf
G68.Family and Grandkids Frames New
G69.Lead Crystal Vase, Flower Arrangements
G70.Olympus SP-55OUZ Camera
G71.Kodak C340 Easy Share Camera
G72.Crafting Lot
G73.Jim Shore "To Thee I Pray"
G75.Vintage Lot
G76.Patio Chair Cover
G78.Wicker Mirror 14 in.
G79.Expresso Machine, Coffee
G80.Extension Cords, Power Center
G81.Canning Jars
G82.Pie Basket
G83.Headboard Lamp New
G84.Valentine Lot
G85.Cleaning Supplies
G86.28 Qt. Coleman Cooler
G87.Coleman 10, Beverage Cooler
G88.2 stands 14 x 14 x 18 H each
G89.Desk Lamp 16.5 in. H
G90.GI Joe Cobra Night Raven S³P & Recon Jet
G91.GI Joe Cobra Mamba
G92.GI Joe Cobra Conquest X-30
G93.GI Joe Cobra Terror Drome
G94.GI Joe Destro's Razorback, Stickers
G95.GI Joe Raider
G96.GI Joe Sea Kay
G97.GI Joe General, Battery Pack, Stickers Looks Complete
G98.GI Joe Thunder Clap 3 Pc. Looks Complete
G99.GI Joe Rage
G100.GI Joe Whale Hover Craft
G101.GI Joe Barracuda
G102.GI Joe 1982 Tank
G103.GI Joe Tiger Force
G104.GI Joe and Other Military Pieces
G105.GI Joe Night-Viper 1989
G106.GI Joe Snow Serpent 1990
G107.GI Joe Rock & Roll 1988
G108.GI Joe Crystal Ball 1986
G120.GI Joe H.E.A.T.-Viper 1988
G121.GI Joe Crimson Guard Immortal 1990
G122.GI Joe S.A.W. Viper 1989
G123.GI Joe Major Storm 1990
G124.GI Joe Long Range 1989
G125.GI Joe Wild Boar
G126.GI Joe Targat 1988
G127.GI Joe Night-Creeper 1989
G128.GI Joe Rock-Viper 1989
G337.GI Joe Action Figure 12 in.
G338.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G339.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G340.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G341.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G342.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G343.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G344.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G345.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G346.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G347.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G348.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G349.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G350.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G351.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G352.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G353.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G354.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G355.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G356.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G357.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G358.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G359.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G360.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G361.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G362.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G363.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G364.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G365.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G366.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G367.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G368.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G369.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G370.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G371.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G372.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G373.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G374.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G375.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G376.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G377.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G378.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G379.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G380.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G381.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G382.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G383.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G384.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G385.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G386.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G387.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G388.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G389.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G390.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G391.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G392.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G393.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G394.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G395.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G396.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G397.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G398.GI Joe Action Figure 3.75 in.
G399.GI Joe Accessories
G109.Folding Table
G110.32 x 26.5 Framed Painting
G111.22.5 x 19 Framed Charles Wysocki
G112.Framed "Snowfall in Goose Creek" 274/1375 Wooster Scott 23 x 21
G113.Party Serveware
G114.Basket Lot
G115.Photo Frame Lot
G116.Vase Lot
G117.Wrapping Paper
G118.Indian Art, Eskimo, Toys
G119.Easter Lot
G129.Taper Candles
G131.Knife Block and Knives NIB
G132.Electric Carving Knife NIB
G133.Necklace Lot
G134.Art Water Color
G135.Post Card Lot
G136.Card Themed Cocktail Kit and Snack Holders
G137.Ainsley Desk Lamp
G138.Wine Accessory Lot
G139.Metal Letter Holder
G140.Book Ends
G142.Office Supplies
G143.Apple Bowl, Candle Holder, Basket
G144.17 x 15 x 38 Jewelry Armoire Needs some assembly
G145.PVC Stand
G147.Marker Cones
G148.Fisher Price House, Western Town, People and Accessories
G149.Patriotic Candle
G150.2 Million Candle Power Rechargable Cordless Spot Light
G151.Books from 1800s and Early 1900s
G152.Laminator and Pouches, AM/FM Headphones
G153.Toothpicks, Treat Bags
G154.Size L Rockmont Cowboy Hat, Ball Caps
G155.Sharp Carousel Microwave
G156.Magnavox Battery Operated Radio and Record Player
G157.Lazy Susan, Punch Bowl, Divided Tray
G158.Stuffed Animals
G159.Graduation Gowns, Awards, Trophy
G161.Old Travel Case handle needs repaired
G162.Exercise Ball and Pump
G163.Wooden Decorative Bowl
G164.Fabric Paint, Stain, Insect Killer, Clothespins, Sponges, Etc.
G165.Flood Lights NIB
G166.Leaf Dish
G167.Canister Set
G168.Purple Cracked Glass Pitcher
G169.Glass Owl Book Ends
G170.Calligraphy Books and Tools
G171.Wire Baskets
G172.BBQ Tools, Brass Handled Skewers
G173.3 Pc. Wall Art
G174.Rubber Mat Roll
G175.Red Hats, Scarf, Bag
G176.McCoy Planter
G177.Copper Craft Candle Sticks
G178.Glass Serveware, Pyrex, Viking Mini Taper Candle Holders
G179.Picnic and Kitchen Items, Casserole Carrier
G180.Wooden Train
G181.Garment Steamer
G182.Handbag Lot
G183.Christmas Pyramid/Windmill
G184.Decorative Vases
G185.Bakeware, Serveware, Pots and Pans
G186.Tupperware and Other Plastic Ware
G187.Table Runners Tablecloth, Placemats
G188.Hand Bookends
G189.Garden Tools
G190.Basket of Towels
G191.Complete Christmas Bedding Set Queen Size
G193.Bathroom Rugs and Accessories
G194.Heavy Planter
G195.Wonder NIV Electric Bible NIB
G196.Sid Dickens Memory Blocks, Crest
G198.Elements Covered Cake Stand with Server
G199.Gazelle Cream and Sugar
G200.Soup Tureen and Ladle
G201.Wooden Hinged Lid Decorative Box
G202.Chalkware Last Supper
G203.Wine Sign
G204.Willow Tree Trinket Box
G205.23 in. H Lamp
G206.Assortment of Books
G207.Vintage Photo
G208.Vintage Photo
G209.Produce Baskets
G210.Christmas Lot
G211.Outdoor Christmas Decorations
G212.Service for 4 Christmas Dishware NIB
G213.Christmas Dishware including Spode
G214.Christmas Napkins, Etc.
G215.3 ft. x 5 ft. Outdoor Christmas Flag
G216.Lenox Candle Holders, Santa Outhouse
G217.Wendell August Forge "Skating at PPG Place" Ornament NIP
G218.Wendell August Forge Stanley Cup Champs 2009 Ornaments
G219.Wendell August Forge Ornaments
G220.Christmas Lot
G222.Blue/White Agate
G224.Music Box Piggy Bank
G225.Lawrence County Books
G226.Misc. Lot
G227.1829 Deed of Philadelphia Property
G228.Antique Magazines
G229.Frame Lot
G230.Belgian Waffle Maker, Little Mac, Electric Knife
G232.Goebel Figurine
G233.Goebel Figurine
G234.Goebel Figurine
G235.Goebel Figurine
G236.Arnart Figurine
G237.Asian Figures
G238.Cream and Sugar Sets
G239.Therm-O-Dial Heater
G240.Westpointe Heater
G241.Trinket Box/Ashtray
G242.Sears Ratchet Set
G243.Craftsman Ratchet Set
G244.Sears 3 1/2 in. Vise
G245.Black and Decker Screwdriver Set
G246.10 in. Crescent Wrench
G247.Combination Wrench Set
G248.Trimmer String, Tape, Fishing Line
G249.Hardware, Hooks
G250.Lawn Care Tools and Bucket
G251.Tool Set
G252.Orbital Sander works, Grit Paper
G253.Tool Lot
G254.Driver Set
G255.Hand Tool Lot
G256.Driver Lot
G257.Work Force Hatchet
G258.Drill Bits
G260.Drill and Saw both run, Black and Decker not charged
G261.Dryer Vent Hose
G262.Socket and Bit Set
G263.Tape Measure, Bungee Pack, Switch Plates, Etc.
G264.Drain Snakes
G265.Gadgets, Putty, Respirator, Etc.
G266.Ant, Wasp, Mouse, Mosquito Bait
G267.Umbrellas, Snow Brushes
G268.Pewter Items
G272.Coffee Mugs
G273.Valances, Napkins
G274.Framed Prints
G275.Gerber and Carvel Knives
G276.Nickle Bronze Tea Spoons and Forks
G277.Flatware, Serveware, Salt and Pepper, Cream and Sugar
G278.Sterling Cufflinks and Tie Tack with a Diamond
G279.14 K Stick Pin
G280.14 K Pin
G281.Sterling Head on a stick pin
G282.2 Sterling Pins
G283.Sterling Spoon
G284.Sterling Spoon
G285.Sterling Charms on a Bracelet
G286.Nazi Patch
G288.Hat and Stick Pins
G289.Red Hat Society Jewelry
G290.Tie Tacks and Cufflinks
G292.Sterling Handle Cake Server
G293.Jewelry Box
G295.Resident Fishing License 1946 and 1951
G296.Political Badges
G297.Desktop Paper Basket
G298.Misc. Kitchen Lot
G299.Knick Knacks, Misc.
G300.1903 Award Bowl
G301.FB Rogers 18 oz. Pitcher
G302.Silverplate and Stainless Lot
G303.Assorted Glassware
G304.Jack Ass Barometer Souvenir of New Castle, PA
G305.Waterford Vase, Bell
G306.Horse Themed Musical Trinket Box
G309.Candles, Holders
G310.Crock and Stoneware
G311.Moustache Cup, Stein
G312.Wooden Cracker Tray, Match Boxes
G314.Vases, Greenery
G315.Vintage Transfer Ware Tea Pot
G316.Life, Look, Time, Super Bowl XL Literature
G317.Brass Wall Hanging, Picture
G318.Two Throws
G320.Footprints Wall Plaque
G321.Glass Cutting Board
G322.Audio CDs and Cassettes
G323.CDs and Cassettes
G325.Decanter, Stemware, Mugs
G326.Radio Flyer Wagon
G327.Floor Lamp 48 in. H
G328.Table Lamp with Shade 28 in. H
G329.Table Lamp with Shade 32 in. H
G330.Table Lamps with out shades 28 in. and 23 in.
G331."The Bus" Pittsburgh Steelers Poster
G332.Santonio Holmes Drawing
G333.Assorted Prints of England
G334.Kokomo Glass 15 in. and 18 in.
G335.Plate Glass 16.5 x 34 and 31 x 17
G336.64 x 36 Hand Woven Rug
G400.Wool Rich Travel Blanket NWT
G401.Tote and Hand Bag Lot
G402.Bedding Lot
G403.Accent Pillows
G404.Seasonal Decorations
G405.Game Lot
G406.Cosmo Super Deluxe 3 Speed Fan works
G408.33.5 x 33.5 Art
G409.32 x 23.5 Art
G410.23.5 x 19 Cheetah Art
G411.25 x 34.5 See Rock City
G412.19 x 27.5 New Castle on the Delaware
G413.(2) 26 x 22.5 Prints
G414.(2) 31 x 38.5 Prints
G415.2 Lidded Totes
G416.50 x 32 Rug
G417.Warming Tray
B1.Weider Body Blaster Force 4 Four Station Home Gym
B2.Metal Desk 30 x 60 x 19 x 75 Credenza
B3.School Desk
B4.4 Outdoor Swivel Chairs
B5.14 x 42 x 54 2 Door Cupboard
B6.14 x 42 x 54 2 Door Cupboard
B7.12 x 30 x 59 Steel Shelf
B8.Metal Laundry Basket
B9.Small Metal Shelf
B10.12 x 30 x 60 Metal Shelf
B11.10 x 32 x 59 Wood Shelf
B12.16 x 36 x 67 Metal Shelf
B13.Foldable Table Tennis Table with Paddles and Net
B14.Magic Chef Wine Cooler
B15.14 x 30 x 37 Wooden Wine Shelf
Y1.Bench 60 in. L Converts to a picnic table
Y2.30 in x 13 in. Diam Wood Barrel
Y3.66 x 33 Glass Top Patio Table with 6 Chairs
Y4.Garden Hose
Y5.Outdoor Carpet
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