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Dave Lias Auctioneer AU002976L

Item Description
1.Metal Ironing Board
2.Elvis Thermometer Mercury in tact
3.Door Lock and Hardware Lot
4.Power-Kraft Electric Saw runs
5.Triangle Roadside Safety Set
6.Assorted Wrench Lot
7.2 Hard Hats one is PS. Corp.
8.Aqua Tech Epoxy Enamel
9.3 in. Recessed Light Kit
10.Lincoln Beautyware Canister Set
11.Ammo Box
12.1/2 and 3/4 drive sockets
13.Prestone Super Flush all new
14.3 Speed Holmes Window Fan works
15.Keg Taps
16.Battery Charger
17.Jack Rabbit Pump and Spray
18.Gutter Maintenance Kit
19.Metal Tool Box, Drill Bits
20.Wire Closet Shelving
21.Magazine Rack
22.2 Drawer Metal Card File
23.Arvin Instant Heat Electric Heater
24.2 Outdoor Tables
25.GE Microwave
26.Water Filter
27.Gas Can
28.Latch Hook Tiger Rug 29 x 43
29.Suitcase and Rolling Cart
30.Presto Electric Heater
31.Metal Tool Box and Contents
32.Jordache 4 Pc. Luggage Nesting Cases Nice
33.Cabinet Light 46 in. New
34.Car Rack Kit
35.Fishing Rod
36.7 Full Packs XL Adult Briefs
37.23 x 36 Under Pads
38.Emerson 19 in. TV with VHS Player, Remote
39.Shop Vac
40.(2) 3 Drawer Organizers 13 x 16 x 25 H
41.Light Fixture, Glove and Shade
42.Stuffed Animal Lot
43.Blanket, Spreads
44.Lamp Lot
45.Christmas Lot
46.North Star Blanket
47.Vintage Elf Figures and Others
48.Plastic Ware
49.Home Décor
50.Vintage Case Needs some TLC
51.Partial Roll Wire
52.Material Lot
53.Sewing Notions
54.Rick Rack, Zippers
55.Crochet Hooks
56.Light Hanger and Cups
57.24 x 144 Vinyl Runner
58.Dryer Vent
59.Provincial Mold Cookie Jar
60.Work and Trouble Light Lot
61.Revolving Musical Figurine, Music Box, Musical Frame
63.Thermos Lot, Knife Block, Jar
64.Truck Mirrors
65.Tie Rod Puller
66.Inductive Timing Lights
67.Bolt Puller 46 pc.
68.Big Tin, Hinges, Slide Bolts, Etc.
69.Crestline Tubing Tool Kit
70.Vacuum Sweeper Bags
71.Music Box, Figurines
72.Wall Light
73.Old Books
74.Dirt Devil Vacuum
75.Extension Cords
76.Rope Ratchet, Rope Cinch
77.Aquarium Maintenance Kit NIP
78.Pollenex Handi pump
79.Revere Ware Quart Pot with Lid
80.Compressor, Foot Pump
81.Electric Screw Drivers, Soldering Iron, Torch Head
82.Pocket Knives. M. Klein and Sons, Chicago, Sabre Japan, Camillus NY
83.Beanie Babies
84.Metal box with Locks, Keys and Combinations
85.Ceiling Fan/Light Combo
86.Old Brooklyn Lantern NIP
87.Black and Decker Routermate
88.Clamp on Light
89.Vinyls, 45s
90.Clearance Markers, Reflectors, Patching Sheets
91.Mootsies Tootsies Sz. 7 Like New
92.Jason Clipper 7 x 35 Binoculars, Case
93.Car Parts, Radio
94.Assorted Tools, Electric Staple Gun
95.Plumbing and Electrical Lot, Smoke Alarm
96.Vacuum Pressure Tester, JB Weld, Staple Gun, Drill Bits, Misc.
97.Brazing Torch Kit
98.Caulk Guns, Files, Rasps
99.Pencil Sharpener, Tape Dispenser
100.Small Appliance Lot
101.Black and Decker Drill, Jig Saw both run
102.Drill Bit Sharpener
103.Carbide Light
104.First Federal Savings and Loan Advertising Coin Bank
105.Tupperware and Plastic Lot
106.Craftsman Butt Gauge, C Clamps, Safety Reflectors, Jute and String
107.Chisel, Punch and Hardware Lot
108.Tube Benders and Cutters
109.12 Gauge Wire
110.Nut Breaker
111.Mop Refills, Grout Cleaners, Clothes Pins
112.Tool Box, Apex Allen Wrenches, Sockets
113.Bench Break
114.Empty Tool Box
115.Pipe Wrench Lot
116.Office Supplies
117.Heavy Duty Extension Cord
118.Mirrored Medicine Cabinet
119.Vases, Music Boxes, Frames, Cookie Cutters
121.Sharpeners, Fire Starter
122.Craftsman Fluorescent Work Light
124.Reels, Snake, Fire Extinguisher, Drapery Hooks, Scrapbook, straps, Hardware
125.Push Button Phone Lot
126.Mirro Pressure Cooker
127.Dinner Belle Pressure Cooker
128.Phone Lot and Wall Jacks
129.Hammers, Mallets
130.Princess Phones
131.Drywall and Masonry Tool Lot
132.Hack Saw, Drywall Saws
133.Rotary Telephones
134.Shakespeare, Zebco, Fleetwing, Japan Reels, Sinkers, Bobbers, Lures, Tackle Box
135.Bible Game, Parcheesi, Aquarium Décor
136.Truck Repair Manual, Henry Food Book
138.Jack Lot
139.Jig Saw, 2 Drills, Glue Gun and Sticks all work
140.Jig Saw, 1/4 in. Drill Black and Decker
141.Wet Stones, Cutting Tool Set, Level, Etc.
142.Bearcat III Scanner
143.Elvis Memorabilia
144.Vintage Toys
145.Westclox, Philippe Armiel, Bilt-Rite Clocks
146.8 Black and White Drinking Glasses
147.Souvenir Plates, Figurines, Mickey Mouse Salt and Pepper, Knick Knacks
148.Tree Stake and Window Kits
149.Misc. Tools including Craftsman
150.12 in. Draw Knife
151.Family Tree Book NEW
152.Auto Parts and Manuals
153.Bracket Lot
154.A/C Charging Kit, Tire Repair Kits, Gauges, Switches
157.Mini Maglite
158.Tape Lot, Dry Wall Repair, Grout Spacers
159.Cook Book Lot
160.Homemade Treats
161.Yarn Lot including Rug Yarn and Packs NIP
162.Last Supper Chalkware 30.5 x 15.5
163.Book Case 30 x 15 x 77 H
164.6 Drawer Dresser 50 x 19 x 32 with 40 x 29.5 Mirror
165.4 Drawer Step Back Chest 32 x 19 x 43.5 H
166.235 75 R15 Tire and Rim
167.Metal Folding Chair
168.Book Case 30 x 15 x 77 H
169.Childs Wooden Chair
170.Welding Helmets
171.Metal Can
173.5 Gal. Fuel Can
174.Childs Riding Toy
175.Galaxy Box Fan runs
176.Atlas Powder Co.Wooden Dovetailed Crate 17.5 x 13.5 x 12
178.3 Gas Cans
179.Fisher Price Play Family School and Figures
180.Bird Feeder
181.L and R Precision Cleaning Machine Forward and Reverse, Variable Speed works
182.DeWalt Radio/Battery Charger with battery Works
183.Stand 22 x 8 x 23 H
184.Bosch Hammer Drill
185.Copper Planter 16 in. L
187.15 pc. Long Arm Allen Wrench Set
188.Zip Ties
190.Precision Drill Bits
191.Craftsman 1/2 in. Socket
192.Milwaukee Grinder runs
193.Bosch Grinder runs
194.Black and Decker Jig Saw runs
195.Turnbuckle, Chisel and Punch Lot
196.Wagner pro Duty Power Painter
197.Drill Bits
198.Palm Sander
199.Wood Planes marked USA
200.Hinge Lidded Bin New
201.2 Craftsman, 1 Handyman Wood Planes
202.Speedaire Gun
205.Jumper Cables 2 Sets
206.220 Extension Cord
207.Metabo Grinder 11 in. runs
208.Chicago Electric Welding System
209.Antique Corn Knife 17 in. Blade
210.Antique Corn Knife 19 in. Blade
211.Hand Saws
212.Taper Punch Set
213.Simpson Meter, Sperry Instruments Meter
214.Tile Cutter
215.Carbide Light
216.Aluminum Ridgid 18 in. Wrench
217.Auto Wrench
218.Chapman Tool Sets, Allen Wrench Set
219.Kline, Bets Electrical Pliers
220.Allen Wrench Set
221.Triplett Testing Meter NIB
222.Magnavox Speakers
223.4 1/2 in. Air Tool Grinder
224.Clamp Lot
225.Cable Cutters
226.Painting Supplies
227.1/4 in. Drive Sockets
228.Soldering Gun and Solder
229.Allen Wrench Sets NIP
230.Craftsman Sander, Sand Paper
231.Air Tool Lot
232.Welding Tools
233.Bin with Hardware
234.Bin with Hardware
235.Permissible Flame Safety Lamp
236.Miners Flame Safety Lamp Pittsburgh, PA
237.Stanley Power Lock 25 ft. Rule
238.3 Way Ratchet Driver, Allen Wrenches, Chapman Tool Sets
239.Wagner Power Painter
240.12 Gauge Copper Wire
241.10 Gauge Copper Wire
242.Drill Bit Lot
244.1/2 in. Hammer Drill works
245.Speed Charge
248.Hole Bits
249.Screwdriver, Nutdriver Lot
250.Ratchet and Socket Assortment
251.15 in. Crescent Wrenchs
252.20 in. Penens Corp. Crescent Type Wrench
253.Metabo 7 in. Grinder
254.Proto 3/8 Drive 20 Pc. Set New
255.Proto 3/8 Drive 20 Pc. Set New
257.Emerson Am FM Cassette Turntable and Speakers
258.O Rings
259.Triplet Test Meter NIP, Lidded Tote
260.Screwdriver Lot
261.Metabo 9 in. Grinder
262.Sanding Discs
263.Chapman Tool Kits, Hole Saw Bits, Stud Finder
264.Safety Glasses
265.Bin with Hardware, Master Lock with Keys
266.Remington "Ranger" Electric Chain Saw runs
267.Click Stop Torque Wrench 1/2 in. Drive
268.Miner Machinery Manuals
269.Black phantom 4 Wheel Drive RC Racer
270.Barlow, Camillis and Camco Pocket Knives
271.Assorted Hand Tool Lot
272.9 in. Draw Knife
273.10 in. C.E. Jennings Co. Draw Knife
274.Cleco Air Tool 1/2 in. Drive
275.Makita Grinder
276.H.K. Porter Bolt Cutters
277.Channel Lock 460
278.7 Pc. Proto Standard Combination Wrench Set Like New
279.Electric Dryer Cord and Plug
280.AWS Digi Snap
281.Table Top Hibachi
282.4.25 in. Tile, Grout Lot
283.Empty Tackle Box
284.Plumbing Supplies
286.11.5 x 16 x 6 in. Wooden Box with Slide Top
287.9 in. Blade Draw Knife
288.Black and Decker Professional Cutter 10 in.
289.Extension Cord
290.Wire Lot
291.Safety Vest Lot
292.13 in. Tile Cutter
293.Pruners, Garden Tools, Sythe Blade, BBQ Tools
294.Connectors and Hardware
295.Grease Gun Lot
296.Soldering Gun
297.Assorted Tools
298.Galvanized Tub
299.Golf Bag, Clubs, Balls, Tees
300.1/4 in. Punch Set
301.1/2 in. Punch set
302.259 Ingersoll Rand Impact Tool 3/4 in Drive
303.Assorted How To Books and Manuals
304.5/16 in. Letter Punch Set
305.1/4 in. Number Punch Set
306.1 Stanley, 2 Vise Grips
307.Channel Locks Lot
308.Assorted Tools in a Tote
309.2 Gal. Gas Can
310.Pliers Lot
311.Battery Charger
312.Taps, Dies, Ammo Box
313.Morse-Starrett Cable Cutter
314.Bottle Jack
315.Power Light works
316.Craftsman Jig Saw works
317.Aluminum Cart
318.220 Cord
319.110 Cord
320.Black and Decker 12 V Cordless Drill
321.Cast Iron Wall Art
322.Bottle Capper
323.Hand Grinder
324.Adjustable Wrenches
325.Machinist Vise 4 in. Jaw
326.Light Fixtures NIB
327.Garage Shelf Lot
328.Air Tool and Accessories
329.Brass Gasket Cutters
330.3/8 Drive Proto Socket Set
331.Proto Metric Socket Set
332.Golf Pride Putter and Other Putter
334.Proto Apex, Ratchet, Spinner 3/8 Drive
335.Drill Bit Lot
336.Assorted 1/4 in. Drive
337.Fluke 23III Multimeter looks new
338.1/2 Drive Sockets
339.Crescent Wrenches
340.Taps, Drill Bits
341.1/2 Drive Sockets
342.Armstrong Heavy Duty 18 in. Pipe Wrench
343.Plumb 32 oz. Hammer
344.1/2 in. Drive Sockets and Drivers
345.3/8 in. Drive Sockets and Drivers
346.Chain Ratchet
347.3/8 Drive Sockets and Driver
348.2 x 2 Flexible Coupling Lot
349.Plumbing Lot
350.Porta Power works
351.Porta Power Accessory
352.Porta Power Accessory
353.Porta Power Accessory
354.Porta Power Accessory
355.Porta Power Accessory
356.Porta Power Accessory
357.Meter Lot
358.2 1/4 HP Circular Saw Craftsman runs
359.Proto 3/4 in Drive Set and Repair Kit
360.7 pc. Grinder Brush Kit NIP
361.Craftsman 3/8 in. Drill works
362.Ratchet Chain Binder
363.Makita Grinder
364.Greenlee Slug Buster Knock Out Punch Kit
365.Dremel and Accessories
366.3 Metal Drawers with Contents
367.Come A Long Lever Puller
368.Come A Long Lever Puller
369.9 Metal Drawers and Contents
371.Blacksmith Tools
372.Craftsman 2 1/8 HP Circular Saw runs
373.3/4 in Drive Sockets and Driver
374.Clevis and Pin Lot
375.220 Extension Cord
376.Combination Wrenches
377.Truck Bed Tie Downs
378.Assorted Wrench Lot
379.Proto Wrench Lot
380.Proto Wrench Lot
381.Zephyr 1/2 in Capacity Model 500 with Mixer Attachment
382.Proto 1/2 in. Drive Extensions
383.Pencraft 1/4 in.
384.Ridgid and Armstrong Pipe Wrenches
385.Ridgid and Proto Pipe Wrenches
386.Comfort Line XL Welding Jacket
387.8 Lb. Sledge
388.8 Lb. Sledge
389.15 Lb. Sledge
390.10 Ton Railroad Jack Simplex Templeton Kenly and Co.
391.12 in. 2 Wheel Grinder Dayton 1 HP Motor 110 or 220 3450 RPMs Phase 1 Extra Heavy Steel Frame that can be bolted to the floor. Spring assist pressure tool on front. New 12 in. Wheel plus 4 additional extra wheels. Takes 2 or more people to move. BRING HELP TO REMOVE AND LOAD
392.Ridgid 48 in. Pipe Wrench
393.48 in. Break
394.Ridgid 16 Gal. Vacuum
395.Enerpac Porta Power
396.Very Heavy 6 in. Vise
397.Work Bench Extra Heavy Can be bolted to the floor 44 x 33 x 37 H (bench only)
398.2 Craftsman Blowers untested Have good compression
399.Ranger Powerstroke 33cc Chain Saw Good Compression untested
400.Craftsman Chainsaw 18 in. Bar 26 Cubic in. Untested Has good compression
401.Battery Operated Tool Lot Could be simple fix but these do not work
402.Paint, Varnish, Polyurethane
403.Welding Rods
404.Grinding Wheels
405.Hardware Lot
406.Tape Lot, Steel Wool
407.Grout Tools, Paint Supplies
408.Peel and Stick Letters and number in a metal box
409.12 ft. Chain with 2 hooks
410.Wheel Puller
411.O Rings
412.C Clamps
413.Walkie Talkies work
414.Tool Box
415.Propane Heater
416.Wen Wet Wheel
417.Gaskets, Keys, Snap Rings
418.Industrial Stickers Lot
419.Dresser Belt Buckle, Advertising Pocket Knife and Chain RIng
420.Leather Belt Buckle "God Bless Coal People"
421.Machinist Handbook and Blueprinting
422.File Lot
423.Torch Hose
424.Sand Blasting Hood with Hard Hat
425.Greenlee Ball Bearing Knock Out Punch Set
426.Compression Fitting Assortment
427.Radio Control Electric Guidance Systems
428.Ensure Dated to 2019
429.Terrallion 330 Lb. Scale
430.C Clamps
432.Gasket Cutter Kit Like New
433.Copper Fittings
434.Masonry Tool Lot
435.2 Ton Jack works
437.4 ft. Level
438.(2) 4 Ways
440.Craftsman and Crescent Wrenches
441.Letter Opener Hawaii Carved
442.10 ft. Chain with 2 Hooks
443.McCulloch 3 HP Pressure Washer untested
444.38 Count Coil Roofing Nails
445.Machine Handbooks
446.Centr-O-Punch Set
447.Electrical Handbooks
448.24 ft. Chain with 2 Hooks
449.2 Speed Millers Falls Impact Driver 1/2 in.
450.Craftsman Tool Box and Contents. Proto 1/2 in Sockets and Drivers
451.Caster Lot
452.Coleman Fuel Partial Can
453.Bar and Chain Oil 3/4 Full
454.Electrical Lot
455.Assorted Sleeving
456.Rope Lot
457.14 ft. Chain with 2 Hooks
458.2 Armstrong 14 in. Pipe Wrenches
459.Crescent Type Wrench Lot
460.Auto Repair Manuals
461.Chains and Hook Lot 3 ft. to 6 ft.
462.Tool Box and Contents
463.Ammo Boxes
464.Plant Food and Grass Seed
465.Clamp on Light
466.Grease Fitting Lot
467.Bottle Jack
468.9 ft. Chain with 2 Hooks
469.Reddy Heater Pro 100
471.Cable 1/4 in.
472.3 Jaw Pilot Bearing Puller
473.Staple Gun and Staples
474.Fire Extinguisher
475.Tool Belt
476.12 in. Compound Mitre Saw with Laser runs
477.4 in. Precision Joiner Home Craft
478.Tool Box with Taps and Dies
479.Galvanized Wringer Bucket
480.Propane Tank
481.Top Soil, Potting Mix
482.Dremel 16 in. Scroll Saw Looks NIB
483.Grease Gun, Caulk Gun
484.Forge Blower
485.Machinery and Mining Books
486.Copper Tubing
487.Machinery Manuals
488.Metal Bed Frame, Box Springs
489.Speed Queen Wringer Washer
490.Upholstered Chair
491.Mid Century End Table 24 x 22 x 23 H
492.Sewing Machine Cabinet
493.Wooden Rolling Cart 29 x 18 x 28 H
494.Writing Desk with Storage 32 x 22 x 32 H
495.End Table 24 Diam. X 25 H
496.Wheel Chair
497.Cardiac Fit Exerciser
498.Childs Wicker Rocker
499.2 Mirrors 36 Diam., Framed 54 x 30
500.Lifestyler SX Aerobic Stepper
502.Book Case 36 x 11 x 36 H
503.Waste Can
504.34 x 19 x 16 H TV Stand
505.56 in. Headboard, Footboard, Side Rails
507.Adjustable Hospital Tray
508.2 Stackable Chairs
509.Reamer, Pipe Threaders
510.Tool Lot
511.Lumber Roll
512.Generator runs but wont stay running 5 HP Briggs Engine Genset
513.Rolling Cart
514.Plant Stand 38 in. H
515.Plastic Shelving 30 x 11 x 67 H
516.Shoe Rack
518.Sand Blaster Hopper
520.2 Metal Folding Chairs
521.Magnetic Level
522.US Army Training Center Company C 5 th Br 2d regt
523.Wood Splitter
525.Hack Saws and Blades
526.Litter Crew Ahead Sign (all 4 legs extend as shown in photo) (disassembled)
527.Shawiningan Carbide Can
528.Professional Dust Pan
529.Bungee Cords, Ratchet Straps
530.Assorted Drivers
531.Battery Charger
532.Door Locks, 2 Baskets
533.Meter Lot
534.Riveter/Grommet Setter Rimco
535.Mino Bucket
536.3 Traffic Cones
537.C Clamps
538.Assorted Combination Wrenches
539.C Clamps
540.C Clamps
541.2 Hatchets
542.Snips Lot
543.2 Armstrong Pipe Wrenches
544.Drill Bit Lot
545.Atlas Powder Co. Box
546.Assorted Hand Tool Lot
548.Crescent Wrench, Wizard Grips, Assorted Tools, Sockets
549.Piston Grove Cleaner
550.Hatchet, 2 Hammers
551.Shoe Shine Box, Brushes
552.Antique Garden Cultivator
553.Wheels and Tires
554.Weed Wacker Gas Trimmer
555.66 in. Cross Cut Saw
556.Tool Lot. Rake, Shovel, Pick, Squeegee, Push Broom, Shovel, Etc.
557.Craft Paper
559.Bar Clamps
561.Wrecking Bars, Claws
562.Tap and Die in Wooden Case
563.Gauges, Air Fittings Steampunk Décor's Dream
564.Extension Cord Reel
565.4 Cup Pyrex Measuring Cup
567.Spoke Shave
568.Cutting Torch
570.Copper Fittings
571.Bearing Puller
572.WSA Self Rescuer Seal looks to be unbroken (UPDATE... Nov. 3... Seal is no longer unbroken...a guy ripped the seal open on this one at preview)
573.WSA Self Rescuer with Case Seal looks to be unbroken
574.Socket Lot
575.Brazing Rods, Torch
576.Plastic, Landscaping Material
578.Cable Lot
579.Power Sentry
580.Wrench Assortment
581.Gas Charge Turbo Lift Support Lot
582.Hardware Lot
583.Equt-Pressure Clamp Lot
584.Electric Drill
585.Scarfing Hammers
586.Armstrong, Ridgid Pipe Wrenches
587.Welding Wire
588.Yard Signs
589.Wagner Pro Coat Paint Sprayer new
590.Hammer Lot
591.Bar Clamps
592.Sanding Discs, Abrasive Wheels, etc.
593.Precision and B.B. Specialty Brass Thermometers
594.Electric Tools. Bearing Heater, Drill, etc. Do not work but may be a simple fix.
595.Bowling Balls
596.Wire Lot
597.2 work Lights 1 Tested OK, 1 Untested... needs bulb
598.220 Plug Lot
599.Connectors, Etc.
600.Large Box of Gloves
601.Hardware Lot, Metal Box
602.Electrical Lot
603.Hammer Lot
604.Liquid Catalyst never opened
605.Bicycle Wheels and Tires
606.Sadirons, Shoe Last Forms
607.Assorted Tool Lot, Wooden Box
608.Hair Dryers, Extension Cords
609.Stainless Steel Banding and Banding Tools
610.Turn Tables
611.Bench Top Tool Box and Contents
612.Tuff-Box Tool Box and Contents
613.Mortar Box, Empty Tool Cases
614.Inside and Outside Calipers, Micrometer
615.Craftsman and Proto Ratchet Wrenches
616.Chalk Lines, Speed Square, Cope Saw, Snips, Etc.
617.Assorted Tool Lot
618.220 Line and Plug
619.Torch Hose and Cutting Torch Head, Gauges
620.Ceramic Tile Pieces
621.Chain Fall
622.GE 9.5 in. TV
623.Extension Cords
624.6 Ammo Boxes
626.Snap On Ratchet
628.Lock and Keys, Misc. Box
629.Flashlight, Safety Wear
630.Riveter and Rivets
631.24 in. Mop Head Refill
632.Outdoor Carpet Remnant
633.Bemis Whisper-Close Toilet Seat
634.Space Saver Shelves
636.Assorted Tool Lot
637.Taps, Dies, Drill Bits
638.Welding Mask, Goggles, Etc.
639.Wood Tool Caddy, Assorted Tools
640.Traffic Sign
641.Scarfing Hammers
642.Channel Locks
643.Misc. Box Lot
644.DMD Wedges
645.Garage Shelf Lot, metal Box
646.Speed Reducers
647.Paint Brush Lot
648.Paint Filters, Spray Gun, Air Tools, Etc.
649.Litter Crew Ahead Sign All 4 Legs extend (not shown in photo) (assembled)
650.5 Tine Pitch Fork
652.Bronco Post Hole Digger
653.Steelsaw 12 in. Cut off Saw Baldor 3 HP 220 on 43 x 30 x 53 H Frame, 110 Dust Collector System 1Ǚ HP Dayton Blower
654.36 x 31 x 28.5 H Folding Table
655.Key Stock 3 ft. to 10.5 ft.
656.Sewing Chair with Storage
657.Microwave Stand
658.60 in. Jack Post
660.Corner Shelf 24 x 24 x 28 H
661.2 in. x 10.5 ft. Square Tubing
662.Pressure Wand Extends 10 ft. from 6 ft.
663.Pipe Vise (folds), Pipe Bender
664.Wooden Typewriter Table
665.36 x 12 x 60 H Book Shelf
666.36 x 12 x 60 H Book Shelf
667.Aluminum Level welded to a 6 ft. Aluminum Channel
668.4.5 ft. Pry Bar
669.6 ft. Drill Bit
670.5 ft. Spud Bar
671.Shopping Cart
672.Bending Machine
673.2 Drawer File
674.Stacking Bin
675.4 Wheel Cart with Hydraulic Lift
676.Basset 4 Drawer Chest 32 x 18 x 44 H Dust Catcher Drawers, Dovetailed Drawers
677.Basset 9 Drawer Dresser 58 x 18 x 31 H with Mirror 40 x 32
678.4 Drawer Desk 37 x 18 x 31 H
680.Saw Horses
681.Ariens Sno-Thro SS322 Good Compression no Gas Untested
682.Rolling Organizer with Contents 36 x 9.5 x 39 H
683.67 in. H Tray Handcrafted
684.110 Heavy Duty Lamp works
685.Expandable Height Metal Shelf 36 x 18 x 75 H
686.Hanging Chandelier looks new
687.Trunk 30 x 20 x 22 H
688.Heavy Duty Metal Cart 26 x 20
689.2 Tier Metal Cart Heavy Duty 39 x 18 x 36 H
690.Kenmore Dorm Refrigerator 4.9 Cubic capacity working
691.Sears Sewing Machine, Attachments, Cabinet
692.41 x 25 Porcelain Top Table 29 in. H
693.12 x 32 x 41 H Airport Cart
694.12 x 32 x 41 H Airport Cart
695.14 x 29 x 43 H Airport Cart
696.Garage Lot, Lubricants
697.Oil Lot
698.Garage Lot, Thinners are almost full.
699.Drinking Fountain 24 H x 18 x 18
700.Heavy Steel Grids 36 x 48 x 1.5, 36 x 31 x 1.5
701.Craftsman Drill Press with Foot Speed Control runs
702.Large Pile Electrical Wire
703.Clark Sandblasting Cabinet
704.Black and Decker Workmate
705.2 HP 220V Air Compressor
706.Heavy Steel Mortar Box
707.8.5 ft. Homemade Ramps
708.(2) 8 ft. (1) 10 ft. 10 x 2 Planks
709.Metal Drum
710.Oval Buckets
711.Totes and Lids
712.Metal Buckets
713.Welder with Ground and Welding Cable Miller Two Fifty Twin
714.Troy-Bilt 33 in. Mower Starts and Runs with ajump Battery weak
715.Car Ramps
716.Walking Tape Dispenser
717.4 Drawer Metal File Cabinet
718.0² Tank
719.0² Tank
720.Acetylene Tank
721.Steel Tube 12 in. Interior Diam. X 47 in. H 1/4 in. Wall Thickness
722.0² Tank
723.Propane Tank
724.Propane Tank
725.Propane Tank
726.Propane Tank
727.Metal Frame or Shelf 37 x 18 x 30
728.Honda 5.0 Power Washer and Fluid
729.Proform XP 115 Eliptical
730.Office Chair
731.4 x 4 x 12 Steel Post
732.6 in. x 2 in. x 8 ft. Welded Channel
733.Jack Post 80 in. L and Adjustable
734.Scrap Pile
735.Angle Iron and Channel Longest Piece 9 ft.
736.Round and Square Bar Stock Longest Piece 7.5 ft.
737.Square Tubing Longest Piece 9 ft.
738.Lg. Pile Sheet and Plate Metal
739.Misc. Box Lot including Dust Masks
740.USB Charger and Light
741.Tube Cutters, Solder, Torch Head
742.Master Lock with Keys, Tape Rules
743.Pulleys, Casters, Etc.
744.Misc. Box Lot
745.Funnel, Oil Wrench, Puller, Etc.
746.Hose, Tubing, Belts, Gaskets
747.Small Anvil
748.Misc. Tool Lot Snap on Allen Wrenches, Wedge, Hand Tools
749.Assorted Saw Blades
750.Caulk Guns, Chisel, Etc.
F.Some of the following items are being resold as the buyers never came to pick them up.
751.Panasonic and Other VHS Cam Corders
752.Krups Coffee Maker
753.Craftsman Drill, Sander Both run
754.Blue Speckle Enamel Roaster
755.No Hunting Signs
756.Drawer Glides and Hardware
757.Duck Wall plaques
758.Lamp and Shade 28 in.
759.Hardware in Bin
760.Road Agent Model NIB
761.4.5 ft. Christmas Tree
762.Expandable Sewing Box
763.Cabbage Bowl, Corn Cookie Jar
764.16 in. HOMCO Figurine
765.Ornaments NIB
766.Holiday Ornaments
767.Christmas Lot
768.Vintage Doll Sleepy Eyes, Clothes
769.Everlast with Pyrex Bowl
770.Radio/TV Tubes
771.Christmas Lot, Avon 1982 Figurine
772.Perma Boot
773.18 ft. Tube Lights NIP
774.Butt Stove, Toilet Ashtray
775.Christmas Lights
776.Camo Lot Pants and Shirts
777.Wreath Lot
778.Stockings NEW
779.Stockings Some NWT
780.Christmas Cookie Baking Set NIB
781.Christmas Throw
782.Batman Figurine Lot
783.Ceramic Ornament Lot
784.Boyds Bear
785.Tree Toppers
786.Christmas Decorations. Fiberoptic Angel Tree Top
787.6 Boxes Ornaments
788.Christmas Ornament Lot
789.Christmas Throw and Pillow
791.Knick Knacks
792.Snowman Lot
794.2 Burlap Trees 19 in. and 23 in.
795.Childrens Dishware, Toys, Baby Items
796.Sewing Machine Drawers
797.Stuff Animal Christmas Plush
799.NWT Ornament/Gift Toppers
802.Christmas Lot
803.M and M Lot
804.Christmas Lot, Ornaments NWT
805.Christmas Lights
806.Christmas Decorations
807.14 in. Blow Globes
809.Christmas Decorations
810.Wilton, Anchor Hocking, Pyrex and More Bakeware
811.Size E Panty Hose Packages all NIP
812.Tool Hardware Lot
813.Old Bottles, Vases
814.Minnow Bucket
815.Flag 3 x 5 50 Star
816.Vintage Fisher Price Toys
817.Router, Camera, Headphones, Electronic Accessories
818.2 Rack-It
819.Small Appliance Lot
820.Jim Beam Mugs, Coors Glass
821.2 Hats
822.BeComing Make Up Set New
823.Porsche Sun Glasses
824.Baby Spoons
825.Wendell August Forge Plate
826.Train, locomotive Books
827.New Mop Head Replacement
828.38 x 14 Pittsburgh 1920 Signed No. 1250
829.Framed 43.5 x 32 H Ruane Manning, Framed 15.5 x 20.5 Bird Print
830.Framed Mirrors. 39 x 33, Oval 25 x 32 and Oval 16 x 33
831.Framed Bevel Glass Mirror 41 x 29
832.80 in. Folding Banquet Table
833.Quilt Rack
834.Console Stereo
835.Toy Lot
836.Chain Binders
837.Small Appliance Lot
838.Toy Lot
839.5 Ft. Pencil Tree
840.5 Ft. Pencil Tree
841.George Foremans, Coffee Maker, Electric Fencer, Shopper
842.Wooden Cross
843.Porcelain Dolls, Sign
844.Large Tool Lot
845.Braces, Punch Bowl, Dishes, Ribbon
846.Home Décor, Decanter, Note Pads, Frames, Watch Bands
847.Ferns Some NIP
848.(4) Good Year M and S P215/50 R17 Mounted on Mopar Aluminum Wheels
849.(4) Sumitomo 235/40ZR18 Mounted on Aluminum BBS Wheels (one tire defective)
850.(4) Michelin Radial XSE 205/60R15 mounted on Mercedes Aluminum Wheels
851.(4) Good Year Wrangler M and S P255/70 R16 Mountted on Chromed Ford Wheels
852.(1) Good Year RT/S M and S P255/70 R 16 Mounted on Aluminum Ford Rim
853.(4) Good Year RT/S M and S P255/70 R 16 Mounted on Aluminum Ford Wheels
T.Thank You For Checking Out Duck Soup Auctions


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