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Dave Lias Auctioneer AU002976L
Bidding open NOW....Estate Auction - Sunday August 18, 2019 Closing will begin at 4:00 PM with 3 items closing per minute.

Item Description
A.Be sure your info is updated. If you do not get an invoice by Monday morning, it means your email is bouncing back to us. If you bid, you can always go into your REVIEW BIDS and you will ALWAYS SEE any bids you have won.
H1.Portable Whirlpool Dish Washer
H2.Sharp Microwave
H3.(2) 3-D Pictures
H4.LG Air Conditioner
H5.Maple Table 48 in. Diam with 12 in. Leaf, 6 Chairs
H6.Small Maple Stool
H7.Plant Stand 9 x 9 x 23
H8.Small Upholstered Stool with Storage
H9.Oak Wash Stand 31 x 18 x 29 H
H10.Side Table 18 x 30 x 29
H11.Book Shelf 13 x 24 x 70 with 2 Doors
H12.2 Pc. Hutch 46 x 19 x 72 2 Drawers and 2 Doors
H13.Padded Chair
H14.47 x 25 Framed Beveled Mirror
H15.Golsen Lift Chair works
H16.Side Table with wrought iron legs 14 x 34 x 31
H17.Padded Wicker Rocker
H18.32 x 42 Picture
H19.Fire Place Tools
H20.Wicker Shelf 16 x 14 x 29
H21.Electric Fireplace 12 x 24 x 25 with remote works
H22.Heavy Clothes Rack 22 x 60 x 60 Hangers not included
H23.Boxed up Hangers
H24.50 in. LG TV with Remote
H25.Solid Oak Shelf 4 x 26 x 22
H26.Solid Brass Corner Shelf 12 x 29
H27.Stand 18 x 14 x 25
H28.Ornate Stool 14 x 29 x 22
H29.22 x 42 x 59 Wardrobe with inside drawers
H30.Vintage Improved Premium Sewing Machine in Cabinet
H31.Picture 18 x 22
H32.20 x 24 Picture
H33.4 Post Bed 63 in. Wide Mattress and Springs not included
H34.Mattress and Box Spring
H35.5 Drawer Dresser with Mirror Dresser 22 x 51 x 33 Mirror in Harp 48 x 33
H36.Dynex 32 in. TV with remote
H37.14 x 50 Mirror NIP
H38.Sentry Valueguard Safe combination unknown
H40.18 x 50 x 29 5 Drawer Vanity with 48 x 35 Mirror
H41.Bissell Vacuum
H42.5 Drawer Dresser 17 x 37 x 38 with 30 x 32 Mirror
H43.Dreammaker Sewing Machine in Cabinet
H45.Kenmore 24 in. Wide x 72 in. Washer and Electric Dryer Combo
H46.56 in. High Retro Lamp as is
H47.Card Table
H48.13 in. Daewoo TV
H49.Wall Art
H50.17 x 13 Picture
H52.Queen Size Bed Spread with Drapes
H53.Waste Can 12 x 27
S1.56 in. Wide Bed
S2.Chase Lounge Approx. 77 in. L
S3.Large Christmas Lot
S4.20 x 30 x 68 Steel Wardrobe
S5.Vintage Rocker
S6.Gun Rack
S7.12 x 29 x 41 Shelf
S8.19 x 47 x 23 Lane Cedar Chest
S9.Vintage Dynavox Record Player
S10.Handicap Lot
S11.65 in. Long Shelf
S12.17 x 46 x 31 6 Drawer Chest
B1.44 in. Diam. Mirror Bring Screw driver to remove
B2.Axe and Ash Shovel
B3.Gate Leg Table 12 x 36 Closed Legs will need re glued 36 in. Diam. Open
B4.Sears 12 Gallon Wet Vac runs
B5.Esco Freezer working
B6.Piano as is Cast Iron Harp
B7.Extension Cords, Screw Driver (runs) in Bucket
B8.Whirlpool Estate Electric Dryer runs
B9.Cloud Walker
B10.Frigidaire DeHumidifier runs
B11.Contents of Cupboard and Table bring boxes
B12.Contents of Room bring boxes
B13.Whirlpool Washer
B14.2 Totes
Y1.53 in. Illuminated Welcome Sign
Y2.Welcome Mats
Y3.24 in. Diam. Cast Bell Stands Approx. 48 in. on Stand
Y4.Wind Chimes
Y5.Wind Chimes
Y6.75 in. Wide Swing
Y7.Small Table 15 in. Diam. Rug
Y8.Crock and Wind Chime
Y9.Welcome Mat
Y10.36 ft. Extension Ladder
Y11.Saw Horses
Y13.(6) 8 ft. Support Posts
Y14.Garden Hose
Y15.12 ft. Trimmer
Y16.Primitive Garden Décor Cultivator
Y17.High Wheel Cultivator
Y18.Scrap Pile
Y20.(2) 4 in. x 10 ft. Channel
Y21.Drum of Oil Believed to be 30W and Buckets
Y22.Deaf Child Street Sign
Y23.Set of International Cultivators
Y24.3 Truck Tires(1) 10.00&345;20 (2) 9.00 - 20
Y25.Off Road Trailer Bed is 4 ft. x 7 ft. with 7.50 - 19 Tires Overall Length and Width is 116 x 68
Y26.Lumber the 11 Narrow Boards are 6 x 12 x 1
Y27.2 Patio Chairs
Y28.Wrought Iron Tea Cart and Small Table
Y29.Roughneck Trash Can
Y30.Galvanized Trash Can
G1.Garden Hose
G2.Bushel Baskets some as is
G3.Peach Baskets as is
G4.Oxygen/Acetylene Hose
G5.Galvanized Bucket "A"
G6.Electrical Cord
G8.Electric Fence Insulators and Handles
G9.Casters, Door Knobs, Chain
G10.Torch Kit and Accessories
G12.Heavy Hooks
G13.2 Griswold Dampers
G14.Electric Fencer
G15.Oil Can
G16.Screwdriver Lot
G18.Monkey Wrench
G19.Hinges, Chain Pulleys
G20.Drill Bits
G21.Pocket Knives
G22.Gas Can
G23.Oil Cans
G24.Skeleton Keys
G25.Milk Box Muckle Mfg. Co. Owatonna, MN
G26.Tap and Die
G27.Pint Berry Baskets
G28.Croquet Set
G29.Size 11 Boots
G30.Kerosene Can
G31.14 in. Ridgid Pipe Wrench
G32.Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer runs
G33.Sand Paper
G34.Chain Saw Parts
G35.2 Bottle Jacks
G36.Burning Torch
G37.Grease Tubes
G38.Air Compressor
G39.Impact Driver
G40.24 in. Ridgid Pipe Wrench
G41.24 in. Ridgid Pipe Wrench
G42.Quart Berry Baskets
G43.Enamel Bed Pan
G44.1/2 Gallon Milk Bottles
G45.Vintage Surf Desk Fan
G46.Small Animal Traps
G48.Regulated Power Pack
G50.Pump runs but untested with water
G51.Galvanized Bucket
G52.2 Gas Cans
G53.1958 to 1967 Liquor License Eagles of Zelienople
G54.3 Tackle Boxes with Contents
G55.3 Ft. Wooden Level
G56.Plastic Berry Baskets
G57.1/2 Drive Socket Set
G58.Door Knob/Lock Lot
G60.4 Power Tools Cord Needs Replaced on Saw
G61.Emergency Kit
G62.2 Hatchets
G63.Wrenches, Wooden Folding Rule
G65.Fence Puller
G66.8 Track Player
G68.Blow Torch
G69.Brace, Bit, Scribe
G70.Electric Skillet, Crock Pot
G71.Balance Scale and 2 Weights
G72.Ice Cream Maker
G74.Charcoal Bucket
G76.Cigar Boxes
G77.Tree, Bit, Cant Hook Hook
G78.Pins, Insulators, Watch, Can Opener
G79.Strap with Chain Hooks on End
G80.Cyclone Seed Power
G81.Shoe Last with Molds
G82.Shoe Last with Molds
G83.Side Mirrors
G84.Glassware Lot
G85.Case full of Tools
G86.Aamco Ring File
G87.3 Wedges, Sledge Hammer Head
G88.Chain 18 ft. 3/8 Diam. 2 Hooks
G89.Chain 14 ft. 1/4 Diam. 2 Hooks
G90.Chain 18 ft. 5/8 Diam. 2 Hooks
G91.Chain 16 ft. Grade D 2 Hooks
G92.Weed Eater as is
G93.Wooden Dovetail Hinged Lid Box 31 x 15 x 4.5
G94.Chain repaired 16 ft. with extra Hook and Eye
G95.6 Amp Battery Charger needs new wires
G96.Bucket of Tools
G97.Tow Hooks
G98.Chain 7 ft.
G99.Cable 5/16 Diam.
G100.Flood Lights
G102.Hand Saws
G103.Vice Bring tools to remove
G105.Vintage Garden Duster
G106.Box of Misc. Tools
G108.Drain Snakes
G109.Gas Vent
G110.Monopoly, Cribbage Board, Other Games
G111.Dietz Little Wizard Lantern, Other no globe
G112.Misc. Box Lot
G114.Craftsman Ratchets, Wrenches, Sockets, Tool Box and Others
G115.Galvanized Bushel
G117.Nail Keg and Nails
G118.Chainsaw Files
G119.Trimmer Lot
G120.Grinders (1 runs)
G121.Box Fan Solid Steel Frame 1 Speed works
G122.Tire Chains
G124.Sledge, Hammer Handle
G125.Mr. Blister Paint Remover, Lights, Paint Supplies
G127.Chain Binder
G128.Metal File
G129.Grease Gun and Tools
G130.Portable Gas Grill NOS
G131.Metal Cash Box
G132.Marine Battery as is good for scrap
G133.Stihl Manuals, Parts and Tools
G134.Fishing Poles
G136.Crib Springs
G137.12 Total Folding Wooden Chairs
G138.Folding Patio Chairs
G139.3 Outdoor Folding Chairs as is
G140.Plastic and Tarp as is
G141.Grain Shovel
G142.Large Hardware Lot
G143.Garage Lot
G145.3 Painting Jacks
G146.Plastic Pipe
G147.2 Wheel Buggy
G148.Metal Sewing Machine Base
G149.2 Step Step Ladder
G150.Coffee Mugs
G151.Royal Norfolk Dishes
G152.Corelle Ware
G153.Salt and Pepper Lot
G154.Salt and Pepper Lot
G155.Salt and Pepper Lot
G156.Salt and Pepper Lot
G157.Salt and Pepper Sets and Mismatched Pcs.
G158.Boot Tray
G159.Bathroom Scale
G160.3 Gal. Jug Looks Good
G161.Amber Gallon Jug Clorox
G162.Crock and Lid chipped
G164.Bean Pot No. 3
G165.Crock chipped
G166.Suell Rail Road Lantern
G167.Crock Jug
G168.Crock and Lid
G169.Cast Tea Kettle
G170.Garden Décor
G171.Bean Pot
G172.Crock Jug
G173.Light Bulbs
G174.Black and Decker Toaster Oven
G175.Oval Pyrex Casserole
G176.Tote of Office Supplies
G177.Stainless Steel Bowls
G178.ACU-Rite Clock
G179.Pyrex Casserole
G181.Floor Mats
G182.K Cup Holder
G183.12 Gal. Crock
G185.Clear Glass
G187.Red Comet Fire Extinguisher
G188.24 in. Vase and Greenery
G190.Tupperware and Plastic Ware
G191.Ceramic Pot of Gold
G192.Tea Pot and Tea Bag Holder
G194.Pyrex Bowl
G195.Pyrex Bowls
G196.Hand Mixer
G197.Small Appliance Lot
G198.Kenmore Can Opener
G200.Mixer and Can Opener
G201.Wilton-Columbia Tureen
G202.Cobra CB Radio
G204.Hair Dryer runs
G205.48 in. Metal Décor
G206.Decorative Plates
G207.Kitchen Gadgets
G208.Contents of Catch All Drawer
G209.Serving Dishes
G211.Wooden Bowl, Butter Press, Paddle
G212.Block Plane
G213.High Heel Soap Dispenser
G214.Paper Towel Holder, Utensils and Holder
G215.15 in. H Oil Lamp
G216.1997 NHL Yearbook
G217.Eagles Membership Book
G218.Garden Tarp
G219.Pandora Ornament and Gift Boxes
G220.Pyrex Bowl
G221.Extension Cord
G223.Dressell Lantern
G224.Coffee Grinder
G225.Tupperware Ham Container
G226.Pitcher, Bowl, Ceramic Roses
G227.Religious Literature
G228.Rolling Pin
G229.Columbiana, OH Pump
G230.Dish Cloths, Pot Holders
G231.Sherpa and Embossed Blanket
G232.Universal Grinder
G233.Carriage and Dolls
G234.Hinged Lidded Box
G236.Curling Iron, Shaving Items
G237.Moon and Stars Vase
G238.Footed Candy Dish
G239.Bucket of Cleaning Supplies
G240.MSA Box Sound Amplifier
G243.Coal Hod and Shovel
G244.Extension Cords
G245.Medical Supplies in a Tote
G246.Large Bin of Buttons
G247.Mobil Oil Can
G248.Candles and Holders in Basket
G249.Curling Irons, Power Strips, Night Lights
G251.Micro Max Cooker
G252.Hummingbird and Flowers
G253.Longaberger Basket
G254.Laundry Bag
G256.Lights, Coin Holders, Laces
G257.Copper Planter
G258.Mirror, Frame
G259.Jewelry Box
G260.Vera Bradley Purse Matches 262
G261.31 Pouch
G262.Vera Bradley Wallet Matches 260
G263.Christmas Flag
G264.Fall Flag
G266.Push Lights
G267.Purses, Wallets
G268.Lady Handkerchief Lot
G269.Dance Uniform and Headband
G270.Electric and Battery Operated Candles
G271.Projector, Bar Light, Holiday Meter Magic
G272.Enamel Ware
G273.Nail Polish
G275.Silver Crest Dish
C1.Eisenhower Dollar 1776-1976
C2.Eisenhower Dollar 1974
C3.Eisenhower Dollar 1971
C4.Eisenhower Dollar 1974 D
C5.Silver Dollar 1886
C6.Silver Dollar 1923
C7.Silver Dollar 1921
C8.Silver Dollar 1893
C9.Silver Dollar 1882
C10.Silver Dollar 1921
C11.Silver Dollar 1921
C12.Silver Half Dollar 1945
C13.Silver Half Dollar 1957
C14.Silver Quarter 1943
C15.Dimes 1903, 1974 D and 1976 D
C16.(9) Susan B. Anthony Dollars 1979 P
C17.Roll of Pennies Each end has a Wheat Penny... assuming the entire roll is wheat pennies but did not unroll
C18.1972 S Proof Set
C19.$2.00 Bill Lot
C20.1990-2008 Quarters
C21.Watch Fob with Knife
G276.Federal Glass Refrigerator Dish Set nice
G277.Gel Insoles NIP
G278.Laundry Basket of Canning Jars some with Bails
G279.Oversized Throw Looks NIB
G280.Artificial Plant
G281.Oil Lamp
G282.Shanon Crystal
G283.Crockery Pitcher 9 in. H
G284.Lamp and Shade 27 in. H
G285.Wine, Restaurant Reference Books
G286.Motley Crue Drx Feel Good World Tour 89/90, VW Trends 1997
G287.Nice Decorative Metal Basket
G288.Neck Ties
G289.Desk Lamp
G290.Beautiful Decorative Lantern 14 in. H
G291.Musical O Holy Night Water Globe
G292.The Handle Kodak Instant Camera
G293.PO-KE-NO Game
G295.Medical Supplies
G297.Health and Beauty Lot
G298.Citronella Candle
G299.VHS Tapes
G301.Cream and Sugar, Cup and Saucer Lot
G302.Fall Décor
G303.Metal Eagle From the Eagle's Club in Zellienople 24 in. Wingspan
G304.Covered Butter Dish
G305.Hobnail Ruffled Edge Vase
G306.Candlewick Condiment Set
G307.Center Handled Sandwich Plate
G308.Wall Mount Drying Rack
G309.Red Glass
G310.House Plant
G311.Revere Ware
G312.Club Aluminum
G313.Duncan Hines Pots
G314.Aluminum Pan with Lid
G315.Costume Necklaces
G316.Watch Lot
G317.Costume and Stainless Steel Rings
G319.Misc. Jewelry Pieces
G320.Thailand Ring
G321.(2) 10K Rings
G322.Sterling Pieces
G323.Earring Lot
G325.Necklace and Bracelet Set
G326.Diamond Like Rhinestones Set
G327.Foreign Coins and Paper Money
G328.1943 Silver Half Dollar
G329.1952 Silver Half Dollar
G330.Reading Glasses, Wallet
G331.Meatball Magic
G332.Colander, Mixing Bowls
G333.Rival Crock Pot
G334.Baking Pans
G335.Corelle Ware
G337.Planters, Greenery
G338.Gold Tray
G339.Candle and Votive Holders
G340.Sega Accessories
G342.X-Men 1985 Poster
G343.The Musical Bubbly
G344.Cutter Quilt 72 x 80
G345.49 x 44 Vintage Hand Quilted Quilt
G346.Quilt Top 80 x 80 with Vintage Wear
G347.Chenille Toddler Size Bed Spread
G349.Cards, Bags
G350.Office Supplies
G351.Shooting Patrol Model Benz 280 CE
G352.Home Décor Items
G353.Cast Items
G354.One Touch Ultra Testing Kit
G355.Greenery approx 36 in.
G356.Laundry Items
G357.Pink Depression Lot
G358.Pots and Pans
G359.Cake Stand
G360.Lunch Box
G361.Cast Planter
G363.Paper Goods, Foil, Bags, Etc.
G365.V Tech Cordless Phones
G367.Red Hat Society Items
G368.Kitchen Items
G369.Clear Glass, Globes
G370.Carnival Glass, Other
G371.Light Bulbs
G373.Oinking Snack Bowl
G374.Mr. Buns
G375.Walking Dancing Hula Doll
G376.Vintage Baby Clothes and Blankets
G377.Sheets, Curtains, Etc.
G378.Realistic Portable Scanner
G379.Polaroid Sun 600
G380.Beacon 225 Camera and Accessories
G381.Bag of Bingo Supplies
G382.2 Lamps 30 in. H
G383.Beacon of Safety Lamp
G384.Speckled Enamel Ware Ladle
G385.Sleepy Eye Dolls in Bag
G386.Word Search Books
G387.Radio, Clock Radio
G388.Patterns and Sewing Accessories
G389.Cultured Pearl Necklace, Bracelet
G390.Blood Pressure Cuffs
G391.Basket of Doilies
G392.Old Picture
G393.Misc. Health and Beauty, Pins, Vase, Cards
G394.Thomas Kinkade Throw
G395.Quilt and Shams 80 x 82
G396.Tray on Easel
G398.Cigar Fan
G399.Decorative Native American Type Peace Pipe
G400.Totes with Lids, Glassware
G401.Plush Throw
G403.Décor, Furniture Sliders, Batteries, Misc.
G404.VHS Player No Remote
G405.Symphonic DVD Player, Remote, Cords
G406.Wife Trainer
G407.Beaded Purse, Other Purse and Gloves
G408.Socks, Half Slips, Shower Wrap
G409.Womens Shoes Size 8 and 8.5
G410.Womens Shoes Size 8 and 8.5
G411.Extension Cords, Mirrors, Light
G412.Rack, Waste Can
G413.3 Size Large Jackets
G414.Full Size Bed Spread
G415.Christmas Stuffed Animals
G416.2 Grabbers and Appliance Brush
G417.Tool Boxes and Contents
G418.Cleaning Supplies
G419.Garage Lot
G420.Small Fan
G421.Novelty Hat
G422.3 Boxes of Gloves
G423.Tupperware and Other Plastic in a Laundry Tub
G424.Capodimonte and Baking Dishes
G425.Mixing Bowls and Vintage Food Chopper
G426.Toy and Stuffed Animal Lot in a nice lidded tote
G427.10 Soup Bowls
G428.Racks and Misc. Kitchen Items
G429.Pantry Items
G430.Vase and Décor
G431.Laser Lights
G432.Umbrellas and Tote
G433.Yard Sticks and Rulers in Waste Can
G434.Ice Melt
G435.Crate with Berry Baskets
G437.Picture 19.5 x 16
G438.Walking Canes
G439.Blanket and Afghan
G440.Metal Frog
G441.Popcorn Popper and a nice piece of Airway Luggage
G442.Quilt Hand Quilted 74 x 74 Vintage
G443.Pillow Lot
G443B.Double Strength Mirror 24 x 30
G443C.Ball Bat
G444.Afghans and a Throw
G445.Basketball Hoop
G447.2 Folding Tables
G448.Horse Drawn Plow
G449.Grinding Wheel 19 in. Diam.
G450.Wheel Chair
G451.Box of Plumbing
G452.Craftsman Tiller
G453.Bed Frame
G454.Step Stool
G456.Wheeling Galvanized Double Wash Tub Base on Casters
G459.Shepherds Hook
G460.Hay Fork
G461.Oregon Log Jaw
G462.Wrecking Bar
G463.Splitting Maul
G464.Bed Assist
G465.Bally 20 in. Lawn Mower
G465B.Fan works
G466.White Lawn Tractor Battery Dead started with a jump and a little gas in carb sold as is
G467.Billy Bass
G468.RCA Tuner
G469.2 Chairs
G470.Tool Lot
G471.23 in. Diam. Cast Kettle
U472.Wood Stove
U473.Scrap Pile and Loose Wood
U474.2 Doors
U475.Trestle Table 8 ft. in Kit Form
U476.Harvest Gold Tub and Toilet
U477.Box Springs
U478.Electric Range, other Contents beside it
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