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Thank you for your interest in our online auction event!

Auction Terms and Conditions: Please review and understand that by registering, you agree to the following before bidding on any item sold by Duck Soup Auctions.

Disclaimer: ALL GOODS ARE SOLD “AS IS” “WHERE IS”. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Condition reports in Auction catalog are not guaranteed and may vary in accuracy. It is the responsibility of prospective bidders to inspect the goods. All condition reports, measurements, opinion of values, age and quality that may be offered by the Duck Soup Auctions are not guaranteed. Neither the Duck Soup Auctions, nor the consignor, is responsible for the accuracy of printed or verbal descriptions or their authenticity. The terms “gold, silver, brass and bronze” refer to color descriptions only unless otherwise noted.  We do not guarantee or warranty clocks. All weights & measurements are approximate. Artist’s names and signatures do not carry warranty & are not guaranteed unless Certificate of Authenticity accompanies lot.

All statements contained in the catalog or in any bill of sale, invoice or elsewhere as to authorship, period, culture, source, origin, measurement, quality, rarity, provenance, importance, exhibition and literature of historical relevance, or physical condition are qualified statements of opinion and not representations or warranties.  No employee or agent of Duck Soup Auctions is authorized to make on our behalf or on that of the consignor any representation or warranty, oral or written, with respect to any property.

Duck Soup Auctions reserves the right to change the online sale terms and conditions. Bidders are cautioned to periodically review these terms and conditions for possible changes.

ELIGIBILITY OF BIDDERS:  Bidders acknowledge he/she is at least 18 years of age and of sound mind and must use their own credit card to register/buy.

ACCEPTANCE PERIOD:  By marking the required box at the end of the online sale terms and conditions during registration and submitting a bid, the bidder agrees to the Terms and Conditions of sale and to pay for and remove the property by the dates and times specified in the contract.

REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS:  First, you need to register to bid. Go to the registration page put in your information then submit. You will receive an email with your bidder number and you will use the password that you created to place your bids. Then, go to the catalog and place your bids.  You can also utilize the MAXBID feature where you can put in your starting bid and your highest bid and the computer will bid up to that point only if other higher bids are received.

IMPORTANT: This is an ONLINE ONLY AUCTION and has predetermined removal dates and times, No refunds or chargeback's will be granted due to a lack of removal at the designated times.

Invalid or unapproved credit card purchases will be subject to a $50 processing fee.  If the auction proceeds are collected later than the following business day after an auction, an additional daily fee will be added of $20.00 per day. Failure to pay within seven days of the end of the auction will ban the bidder from participating in any other Duck Soup Auctions online auction.

BUYERS PREMIUM:  A 10% buyer's premium will be added to your total purchase.  Any and all applicable taxes are calculated on the total of both the Buyers Premium and the Bid Amount.

PAYMENT and TIME OF PAYMENT:  Duck Soup Auctions is an online only auction.   Bidders must register with a credit card and full payment will be charged using the registered credit card at the end of the auction. Pennsylvania sales tax will be added to your purchases unless you have a current Pennsylvania resale number on file with us prior to closing of auction.  There will be no refunds after close of auction.  

TAX:  Local sales tax will be added to your Invoice unless you provide appropriate documentation that you are tax exempt before the conclusion of the auction.  No refunds will be made after your charge card has been charged.

USE CAUTION:  It is very important you review our terms and conditions prior to bidding. Also, be sure of what you are placing your bid on.  We will not reverse bids at any point once it is made, no exceptions.

STAGGERED CLOSING:  Our system has been set to end/close in intervals.

CLOSING EXTENSIONS:  If a bid gets posted within the last three minutes of ending, our system will automatically extended the sale 3 additional minutes.

BID NOTIFICATION:  If you have been outbid you will be notified by email only until 1 minute prior to the close of the first item in the auction.  After that, you must use the refresh button to see if you have been outbid.   No emails will be sent after the auction begins to close.  Bidders cannot cancel bids.

To quickly review your bids and see if you have won, you can utilize your refresh button.    

BIDDING ERRORS: Please be aware that bidders could and might purposely increase their own bids to price an item out of reach of other bidders. You should immediately review your bids before submitted. If you bid on the wrong item we will not reverse your bid.   Please make sure and review all bids before submitting. We will not reverse bids after they have been placed; no exceptions.

WARRANTY & CONDITION OF ITEMS SOLD:  All items are sold "AS IS, WHERE IS, with all faults, known & unknown, with NO guaranties or WARRANTIES expressed or implied, of any kind, by the lot number affixed to the item, including but not limited to condition, authenticity or testing, completeness, suitability, fitness or merchantability for any purpose. Please keep in mind that Duck Soup Auctions is in NO way a retail store. We are an online Auction & Liquidator and so forth, all sales are final; no credits or refunds of any kind are given. You are bidding and buying based upon your own inspection, your own determination of value, and your own decision to bid. Live preview or inspection is your best protection.  Duck Soup Auctions takes no responsibility for errors or omissions of any kind, including catalog descriptions and photographs.  Keep in mind that most auctioned items are used and may have light to moderate surface scratches, defects, damages, repairs and or dents /dings. Preview is suggested in order to gauge the condition of each piece. Descriptions are believed to be accurate but not guaranteed. When you are not certain of the condition or use of an item please bid accordingly.  All descriptions are made in good faith, however, preview or inspection is highly recommended to gauge the exact nature and condition of all pieces.

CONDITION OF PROPERTY:  Condition of property is not warranted. Deficiencies, when known, have been indicated in the property descriptions. However, absence of any indicated deficiencies does not mean that none exists. Therefore, the bidder should ascertain the condition of the item through physical inspection.

Duck Soup Auctions does not ship.  The Buyer must contact a  third-party shipping vendor.  The buyer is responsible for all related expenses.  Duck Soup Auctions does not assume any liability and will not be held responsible for damages, loss and/or missing parts. Insuring your goods with the shipping company is highly encouraged.  All claims must be made by the buyer and directly through the shipping company.

PHOTOGRAPHS:  Photographs may not depict an exact representation of the bid item(s) and should not be relied upon in place of written item descriptions or as a substitute for physical inspection. Please view each auction for the provided inspection dates and times.

INSPECTION OF PROPERTY:  Bidders agree to physically inspect the property upon which they bid or thereby waive the opportunity to conduct a physical inspection. In waiving their inspection rights, bidders bear the risk for any gross omissions regarding the functionality of items and/or failures to recognize major missing parts and/or restrictions with regards to usage that would have been revealed by physical inspection.
If a discrepancy exists between description and photograph, the description takes precedence, however we take no responsibility for errors or omissions of any kind in photographs or descriptions.  Do not  place a bid based solely upon a picture and/or description.  Your inspection is always encouraged for your best protection.

CANCELED AUCTIONS:  It may be necessary to withdraw items from bidding due to technical errors or uncontrollable circumstances. Auctions may be terminated because the property is no longer available due to; property becoming damaged; property is stolen, or property was improperly described. Items may be re-offered at a later date.

DEFAULT:  If you are awarded with any item/s on Duck Soup Auctions, you have; 1st a responsibility to pay for the item/s that you were awarded within same day the auction ended, and, 2nd you must remove your won item/s within the assigned date/s and time/s. If you fail to meet either of these two conditions, you will be in violation of the online sale terms and conditions of your contract with the Duck Soup Auctions and will be considered "in default".  As a defaulted bidder, you will be responsible for the payment of liquidated damages, administrative fees for the processing and re-handling of the item for which you neglected to pay for and/or remove.  In the event of a default, a bidder will lose all rights to place bids for other items for sale on Duck Soup Auctions.

REMOVAL:  If successful bidder appoints/designates another person or agent to remove property on his/her behalf, the successful bidder must provide the person or agent assigned, authorization allowing them to remove the subject property. The authorization must include: (1) the name of the person the successful bidder is authorizing to pick up the property; (2) the sale and lot number of the item; and (3) must be signed by the successful bidder. An email with authorization would also be sufficient. In addition to the letter of authorization, the person must present a photo ID, and a signed Purchaser's Receipt and Authority to Release Property to verify proof of purchase prior to removal: otherwise removal will not be permitted.

Successful bidders are cautioned that they are responsible for packing, loading and removal of any and all property awarded to them from the exact place where the property is located as indicated on the item description page for each item they purchase on the Duck Soup Auctions website.  The Purchaser will make all arrangements and perform all work necessary for removal of the property including packing, loading and transportation of the property.   

REFUNDS:  NO refunds, credits or charge back's will be granted for forfeited / abandoned items due to a lack of removal at the designated times. It is the Buyer's sole responsibility to verify completeness of purchased lots prior to removal.

REFUND AMOUNT:  If in the event Senior Management determines that a refund should be granted for any reason, such refund will be limited only to the purchase price and any applied tax on the item; auctioneer's premium is in no way refundable.
REMOVAL DATES & TIMES:  This will be posted within each specific auction. By participating and bidding in any  given auction, you understand and agree to abide by the removal days/times for that auction.  If using a third party shipper, the buyer is responsible for making sure they will abide by the stated day/times specified in the auction for removal of all purchased items.  Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser.

ABANDONED ITEMS:  Items not picked up by the set removal dates and times will be considered forfeited and abandoned.  Duck Soup Auctions will have the option of reselling, removing or storing at the expense and risk of the purchaser, any unclaimed and/or unpaid items not removed within the specified time.

LIMITATIONS:  All conditions stated above cannot and will not be altered unless with written consent by Senior Management at Duck Soup Auctions.  Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania.  By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the bidder/purchaser agrees to be bound by said Terms and Conditions.  Any dispute brought by or against Duck Soup Auctions shall be resolved from a court office within Lawrence County in the State of Pennsylvania.  Duck Soup Auctions will be entitled to recover any reasonable attorney's fees and other costs should any legal action be brought against the Buyer/Purchaser.